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Mar 1, 2013

Pretties in White. Piękności w Bieli.

Some of you must have seen them already.:)
Yesssss that was Me who emailed very very very talented Ilona asking if she could be interested in making them for me! Whenever she shows her flowers to us I am amazed by the details, colours and the fact that they look very real.:) So imagine my thrill when Ilona wrote to me she accepted my order! I couldn't wait! I knew they would be fantastic but when I saw them on her pictures I ...couldn't find the right words to desribe them! I mean how many times you can repeat just: beautiful, fantastic, pretty?;) And oh yes! I was so greedy that when she showed me 3 stems I wanted them all!!! Okay, I have to admit I am a bit crazy fan of orchids I would love to have all of their kinds 1:1 scale home but unfortunately the only kind that survives on my window sill for long time is phalaenopsis...

Today little orchids arrived!  I carefuly  opened beautifully and safely made box and saw them. My jaw dropped and when I picked it up I couldn't stop smiling.:) These pretties are here! Outstanding! Extraordinary and so beautiful and so fragile...

And they brought pretty gifts with them! See this teeny tiny perfume bottle? I don't know how you can make such a small bottle, dear Ilona. And these pretty love letters? And the orchid painting? And these two orchid flowers to adorn bride's hair?

And this is my first ever bag from a famous designer!;)

To prove I am crazy-orchid-fan I will show you "my" orchids so far. In miniature of course!:)

These pretties in white-blue pots are a gift from dear Sans and I know I am showing you them a little too late but they were just waiting for a special occassion.;)
I am slowly thinking of making a little orchidarium or greenhouse for all of them. And I hope my collection of mini-orchids will grow in time.;)

So let me thank to these two Amazing Ladies:

Dearest Ilona, Thank you very very very much for spending hours working on my beautiful orchids! Thank you for sharing your talents with us and specially me. And thank you for teaching them how to fly!:D

Dearest Sans, I hope you don't mind I show your pretty and colourful (just like you:):) gift that made me smile and brightened our winter days.:) Thank you so much for them and  for your friendship too.:)

Myślę, że niektórzy z Was zdążyli je już zobaczyć na blogu Ilony.:) Zawsze podziwiam jej prace, a najbardziej właśnie kwiaty, które w tej mini skali wyglądają jak żywe. Kiedy więc zaakceptowała moje zamówienie nie mogłam się doczekać.:) Kiedy zobaczyłam je na zdjęciach brakowało mi słów, a kiedy dziś je rozpakowałam, to mi po prostu szczęka z wrażenia opadła.;) Są prześliczne, niesamowicie realistyczne i bardzo delikatne. Wzbogaciły moją niedużą kolekcję storczyków w skali 1:12.:) Jak widać na fotkach dostałam też urocze prezenty, w tym moją pierwszą w życiu torebkę od Guccie'go.;) Storczyki w biało-niebieskich doniczkach są prezentem od Sans.:) Powoli  zaczynam myśleć z czego zrobić orchidarium lub szklarenkę dla nich.:) No i mam nadzieję, że moja kolekcja mini storczyków będzie rosła, bo prawdziwe storczyki poza phalaenopsisem nie chcą u mnie rosnąć...


otterine said...

Beautiful, indeed! White flowers have such a gracefulness to them.

Plushpussycat said...

Your orchids are absolutely stunning! Congratulations! I know what you mean about Ilona's work--I almost think about pulling out a thesaurus to look for alternate words for amazing, fantastic, gorgeous, and incredible. :-D xo Jennifer

Maria Ireland said...

Your orchids from Ilona and Sans are gorgeous. The bag is beautiful. You have a wonderful collection of orchids.
Hugs Maria

afairytalecometruewyrna said...

You have a nice large collection of orchids. They are so beautiful all together. Ilona is a true artist to make flowers. I am so impressed of flowers practitioners, it is so tiny and yet completely lifelike.
It might be interesting whit a greenhouse for all your orchids. Enjoy your lovely gifts.


AM Minnaard said...

I must agree with Otterine, beautiful and graceful. gr. AM

BiWuBär said...

Ha, it was YOU! Congrats on commissioning a miracle worker to work flower miracles, I mean, the blossoms even know how to fly... ;O) Ilona's work is so outstanding and amazing, not only with flowers but also with things you wouldn't ever think of they could be turned into a miniature. And above all she's such a darling lady. Enjoy your treasures, the flying orchids from Ilona and of course the lovely orchids from another magician, I bet this makes them evem more beautiful that they've been in the hands of these two ladies. And bringing all your lovely orchids together in a scene is really a brilliant idea!


Daydreamer said...

Oh Ewa!!! Lucky you! They are just Stunning!!! The perfection is hard to believe!!! I have the same kind of orchids you do.... (in my RL)for the same reason! Lol!!! I think you Must do a mini Orchidarium... or Greenhouse... you already have a start on the perfect flowers for it!!! What wonderful gifts too!!! This mini world is so full of AMAZING Talent!!!

17-17 said...

O rany, teraz to mnie opadła szczęka, a więc to Twoje zamówienie Ewo...przyznam, że byle czego to Ty nie zamawiasz:)
oczywiście, widziałam te fantastyczne storczyki u Ilony, a cóż dopiero zobaczyć je w!!
Czułam się podobnie gdy dotarła do mnie zamówiona u niej moja maciupeńka sikoreczka, która dotąd jest moją najcenniejszą miniaturką.
Nie wiem jak to robi Ilona, ma niesamowity dar. Patrzę jeszcze na zapięcie tej kopertówki...czy ono się naprawdę zapina?????

Fabiola said...

Your orchids are wonderful, especially the white.
Bye Faby

Melli Hobby said...

The orchids are wonderful!!
Ilonas work is wonderful! I also love her flowers!!
Are you planing a greenhouse??

Ilona said...

Hi Ewa, finally I can put a comment on your blog, because real life asks all my time at this moment: no miniatures :(
I am so happy the orchids survived the transport, thank you for this big challenge, it was my pleasure :D!! Enjoy all your orchids, but I know you do ;)!
Warm hugs, Ilona

Sans! said...

Ahhhhh, YOU! :):):) You have found the right master for the orchids. Mine are but poor cousins although they are made by the artisans from Thailand whom I respect a great deal:). They do however do loads of them unlike Ilona who does only one of a kind . :).

Dearest Ewalina, you must make your little greenhouse soon. I know it will be fab!

Drora's minimundo said...

Gorgeous orchids! Ilona is a master mini flowers creater. I was absolutely stunned by their beauty seeing them on Ilona's blog. What a good thing that they survived their voyage and came intact. Sans orchids are lovely. I am sure you'll have the most beautiful garden in Miniland.
Hugs, Drora

Ascension said...

Preciosas orquideas!!
Enhorabuena por esas fantasticas minis.
besitos ascension