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"Happy is (s)he who, like Ulysses, has travelled far...."

Dec 23, 2014

Best Wishes. Najserdeczniejsze Życzenia.

I've been a bad blogger this year and since I am not sure if I will be better soon, and also because for us over here tomorrow evening is the most important and most beautiful part of Christmas Holidays - Christmas Eve dinner - let me wish already today a very merry Christmas to you and your Families and Friends and also may this incoming New Year be a good, healthy and full of love to you all. :)

Short recap what was and is going on in my workshop. ;)

 Nothing new, to be honest. ;)


Najserdeczniejsze życzenia radosnych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia i dobrego Nowego Roku dla wszystkich współblogujących!

W mojej pracowni robota wciąż wre, choć wydaje się, że nic tu nie ma nowego. ;)