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"Happy is (s)he who, like Ulysses, has travelled far...."

May 31, 2010

Chinese medicine

Today in the morning - well it was a morning in Poland ;) - Sans and me were talking about jars and ingredients. She kindly advised me to look in the net for the Chinese Medicine jars to get inspired. I did. Look what I found:)

I love this interior from the top photo! It is so elegant. Poor animals! Still it is hard not to be inspired:) Thank you so much Sans!

May 30, 2010

The Avon jars filled in:)

Maybe you remember that I showed empty Avon's jars some time ago? Here are the first lots of them finally filled in: What do we have inside? Let's see...From left to right: mint tea, flower's petals, orchid's leaves, orchid's roots(they look a bit like bones:)) Here you see: parsley's leaves, cinnamon (that shortly before putting to the jar, spent some time in my hot wine drink;)), gloves, another orchid's root, some dry plant, another piece of cinnamon:). No harm done to any of the alive plants ;)

May 28, 2010

The shelvings.

It was supposed to be an easy, fast and simple job. It wasn't. To my surprise of course. The boardings became mean. They were too long or too short. They didn't want to glue to each other. They didn't want to stay straight up. I got so angry and threw one of the shelvings the trash... Finally I took the cement from the bricks sets out and built the shelvings in. And there was an easy part of constructing them too - the painting ;) For now there are three shelvings there. I am thinking about one more but that will wait until I plan where to put the tables, cupboard and chairs:)

May 27, 2010

Turning around ;)

Back to minis!:) This little dymondwood lidded dish I found at Wee Wood Shoppe. I really love it's shape and red colour!:)
(Still can't believe people do such tiny turnings:))You can take the lid off. This is going to stand on the fireplace and it IS the Floo Powder holder ;)Thank you Gary!

May 25, 2010


Sorry, Ira, I don't know what you wanted from Finnish song??? It is so cool! I was laughing all the time! You are a great nation: first my fav Lordi and now this! Cool! The song sounds like our wedding-party songs :)- when the guests drunk a bit more ;)I hope that Finland will make it to the final contest! Keep my fingers crossed for them, for my absolutely beloved holiday country Greece(I want to go there now!;)), Iceland was cool too and that boy with guitar:). Serbia with Goran Bregovic's song was interesting too but the singer was looking...strange. We sounded as usual - lack of something - I don't really know what? I am waiting for the results ;)

Congrats to Greece! I am glad that Island singer made it:) At least someone who really sings :)

Still think Finland should have made it....:)

May 24, 2010

A bit of luck

I managed to buy from Nikki tonight Olde bones and slate potion board and decided to buy Vampire scroll set and Dragon scroll. Unfortunately no luck with potions :( - still too slow at Etsy ;)

The perfect cupboard

Thanks to our The (most:)) Dangerous Mezzo who always presents most interesting links on her fab blog I have the perfect cupboard for the office! I have to admit I was looking for the cupboard for quite a long time as I wanted something in Tudor style and not open. And I found it when Nina put the link to Wightcrafts DollsHouse Handmade Furniture on her blog. I absolutely loved each and every piece of furniture I saw at Wightcrafts Etsy! I asked the owner Leslie Stuart if he could make a cupboard specific to my wish. And he kindly agreed and made this beautiful piece of furniture so fast:) It even has a Slytherin's logo on the door!:) So here it is a perfect cupboard for Snape's office:
Thank you Nina! Thank you so much for this beautiful cupboard, Leslie!

May 22, 2010

The last three photos of the empty office :)

That's what I promissed to Annie yesterday ;) And I know some of you are waiting for the furniture, so this is the last post about the empty but ready to be furnished, Snape's office. Traditionally photos through the door :)
And now something that hasn't been here yet: the photo through the...window!

May 21, 2010

The sentences finally on the walls

First of all I want to say: a big thank you, Michelle, for the ideas!:) I really was thinking about them but I finally decided to write the Latin sentences on the walls myself :) There are two reasons for it. One: it is the cheapest way to do it;). The second and much more important: there are going to be shelves on the walls there, so most of my scrawlings are not going to be seen at all. Ha! So that is how the office looks like with the sentences on the walls. Sorry for the quality of my writing!(It was supposed to be alike the Gothic letters I found on the internet:P)

May 20, 2010

Welcome and an extra photo ;)

I've been bad I know I forgot of welcoming everyone new here:) NO, I haven't! I am so glad to see the New Followers - but the Ones that are already here for longer time too! Hope you all have fun here! This orchid is one of my own, I put it here specially to make you all feel comfortable:)
And an extra photo of the office of course - couldn't resist to show it to you:)

Actually this photo killed my camera. Or was it a dragon? It is a part of HP chess set collection - my cousin bought it for me - thank you Marta! - the dragon actually roars and belches the fire out, but only when you move it. Maybe some day I will manage to make it a photo when it does it, with my new camera of course ;)

May 19, 2010

Everyone likes Toffifee or anybody needs a ladle?

I actually like only one part of the Toffifee's sweets. This caramel bowl everything is in:) Still they are gone so fast in my family and the box is all that's left soon. And the golden foil. I looked at it once and saw a pattern. Like this.
The foil is very fragile so for the bowl with four handles - which is the size of really big cauldron - it is better to give two of the bowls together. The spoon is as big as the ladle.
The spoon painted. I will use one black big Toffifee's cauldron with 4 handles and the ladle in the office. Somehow I don't have the photo of the big cauldron. I will make one later:)

May 18, 2010

A handle.

That's the last thing to finish work on the office's door:) I was thinking of something plain and simple - that means: to buy from Emporium or somewhere else:) But then there were a few posts about Rick Pierce around the Blogland and I thought I would like something alike he is making. So I took the box with metal jewelery parts I love to collect;) I picked three parts up.
See? I saw it at once ;) On the picture above you see the close-up of the wall and floor in front of the door:)You can see the eye of the snake too ;)
I put two parts together by pressing them hard with pilers. Then I painted them black. And glued three party together - it was quite hard to do actually but finally metal parts gave in and joined each other together ;)
And the door are finished.
Still think that this wall needs some last tauches: the light? Or a chair? What do you think?

May 17, 2010

What I made of the yesterday's inspiration...

This is the side of the door you all know by now;)(just to recall ;))
For the other side of the door, here is what I used:
(And a bit of glue of course;)) The cardboard is thiner this time so it was easy to cut:) The pattern just jumped out of my head straight on the paper ;) Also easy to cut - as I am lazy - remember?;) I cut this pattern four times and glued two together so that the hinges were a bit thicker. Except for the big parts you see above I cut also four smaller/narrower parts just to make door looking more interesting. The narrow parts are supposed to resemble the snakes :) The nails in their heads are supposed to be their eyes and are made of the smallest black Svarovski gems I could find - I used them also to cover the holes after the original hinges ;) And here you can see the floor right in front of the door.

To finish the door I need just one more thing...

May 16, 2010

Hinges inspirations :)

I want the office's door to look a bit more like in the castle. Specially on the outside:) I thought of hinges and a handle and found Polish site with the people fascinated by gothic times. I found some great picrures there. This is one of them: This is the door in the Malbork's Middle Castle in Poland. Love the hinges:) The next picture I found in one of Polish weekly magazines: This is the castle in Olsztyn - Poland also. Great hinges but I guess too fancy for Snape's office ;) And the last photo - a bit different as it is a window ;) - I found at too. Amazing window grating. That's the castle in Czech Republic. There are only two beams. Just look at the vertical girder and the way it is crumpled up! Beautiful artwork of the blacksmith!
Tomorrow I will show you what I came up with the door hinges for the office.

May 15, 2010

Two sides ready - one to go :)

The worst thing for me when the computer is broken is that I am loosing my source of good links and have to look for them once again.... Good I am not loosing your great blogs here guys!
And now back to the Snape's office: so this is how the outside of the window wall is looking right now. I finally finished to repainting it over and over again and I think it is ready. For now that is ;) Well maybe I will plant a fern somewhere yet. The floor here is really narrow but I managed to put the tiles on this side too and it's ready. So one side of the floor outside is yet to be shown to you, but I need to finish this door first:)

May 14, 2010

An unexpected week long break...

was caused by my laptop that "got sick" - of me - most probably ;) Finally today it has come back home and up till now it is still working. Hope it will, for longer time than last time. Anyway seems to me most of Bloggers are showing their beautiful cushions lately, so I am going to join them right now ;) Some time back Annie of Obsidian Hall was showing some cushions on her beautiful blog. Having much too much of free time - have you noticed how much time is being consumed by using computer? ;) - and because the cushions don't have to be embroidered I decided to see if I could made the pillows that at least will look similar. Unfortunately the photo of the cushions was gone together with my laptop so I did what I remembered;) Here is the result:) The first pillow wasn't big success, the second finally resembled the square:) The next two are looking much better;) Of course when I saw the photo again I noticed that as usual I complicated pillow-making by making the front and back side the same way, while on the photo the back side of cushions is completely flat. I had fun making them but I am glad my laptop is working again ;)

May 6, 2010

Gifts from Finland!!!!! :)

Seems to me all the gifts from Ira are comming to new homes the same time all over the world ;) Just look what I've got yesterday - Ira's Give-away! I love this little pitcher - still can't imagine how one can make so beautiful stuff of paper!Gosh you must be patient Ira! It made me think of some mini orangery...
And Ira was so generous that she sent me her absolutely incredible aerodynamic wall breaker broom with ostrich feathers!
Yessss, yesss! I know: Severus can fly without the broom. BUT: can he really break a wall without using his wand?;)Well he has a little helper now:) THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY VERY MUCH Ira! I love each and all of the minis you sent me!:)

May 5, 2010

One side ready - two to go :)

First of all please remember that Tallulah Belle is having a very special Give-away - you could get something special and help someone special at one time!:)Good luck!
The back wall of the office is ready. Well...I just might plant a tree there. A kind of dead one perhaps... The tiles are painted with different colours of acrylic paint and the fugue this time is pretending to be the ground - as the fugue is grey I painted it a bit with sienna acrylic paint so that you could see the sand among the stones. Hope you like it.:)Forgot to tell you that the resin tiles were pretty hard to paint - they needed several layers of paint to look painted:)