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"Happy is (s)he who, like Ulysses, has travelled far...."

Jun 29, 2010

A different perspective

What is that?


...or not to knock?

A wisdom ....

...hidden in bottles.

Tell me, silly human, who needs wisdom in bottles when everybody knows it's in brains. Poppets brains of course!

Ah! The window....

...I was looking...

...throug inside.
I found poppets looking around at Etsy pages. Or maybe they found me? That was love at the first sight for me and soon I was reading and following The slaughter house studio's blog. Guided by Lisa Snelling, the poppets creator, I learned about the poppets and their symbiosis with silly humans. I just had to have one poppet just for me!Who doesn't need a bit of wisdom in a pocket anyway?;) So here he is, the Poppet That Lives in Poland:) I love the idea of poppets on tour and so The Poppet that Lives in Poland started his tour with the Snape's office.
Hope you won't mind I will be posting this little wise fellow here:)

Little poppet and his orchid.;)

Na poppety trafiłam tradycyjnym przypadkiem przeglądając sobie sklepiki w Etsy. Od samego początku mnie zauroczyły, zauroczyła mnie też historia ich stworzenia przez Lisę Snelling oraz pomysł z poppetami w podróży. Mój przyleciał w piątek i swoją podróż poprostu musiał zacząć od gabinetu Severusa :) Mam nadzieję, że nie macie nic przeciwko temu, że będzie się tu często pojawiał? :)U góry fotki z pierwszego zwiedzania i zastanawiania się po co tym niemądrym ludziom tyle mądrosci w butelkach zamiast w głowie?;)

Jun 27, 2010

Last lot of Avon jars and the domes

I finally filled the last lot of Avon's jars I have:)

Inside: artificial aquarium plants, Dead Sea salt, white tea and some feathers:)I think the aquarium plastic plants are superb as minis. You can get differen shapes and colours with no work at all and plant them wherever you wish.;)

I think I finally found the right place for the ears I made some time ago.;)Ever since the domes are home I was thinking about two things. One of them was a plant-predator closed in a glass dome for safety. Making this plant was easy as it is one of this aquaruim plastic plants. I cut off the leaves of the same shape and painted one side of each with the red paint and then put together painted sides. I put the ears in the mouths of plant and put the plant in metal pot. Don't ask my why Snape keeps it in his office and whose ears they are.;)It's probably a plant he got for his birthday as the pot is adorned with silver Ss.;)

I knew I will try to sculpt something for one of the domes - I don't know why I am still thinking I just may have some talent hidden deep inside me. Well, it must be really deep because I haven't found it yet... That's why you can see the other dome only from far..;) If you wonder what the heck it is, then it was supposed to be dragon's embrio. Yes, yes, I know, it looks like over grown seahorse with four paws and too long tail....

Ostatni zestaw słoiczków z Avonu zapełniony. Do srodka włożyłam trochę plastykowych roslin akwariowych, sól z Morza Martwego, białą herbatę i trochę piór. Roslinki akwariowe to najprostsze źródło miniaturowych roslinek, wystarczy przyciąć i wsadzić do doniczki ;) Na kolejnych fotkach moje zmagania z miniaturami do kloszy, które niedawno kupiłam. Roslinka-drapieżnik wyszła całkiem nieźle. To oczywiscie roslinka akwariowa, z której obcięłam dwie takiej samej wielkosci gałązki. Listki z jednej strony zostały pomalowane na czerwono i tymi pomalowanymi stronami zostały złożone razem, w srodek włożyłam uszy, które jakis czas temu zrobiłam:) Nie pytajcie mnie po co Severusovi taka roslinka albo czyje to uszy. Jedyne czego się domyslam to to, że ta roslinka, to jego prezent urodzinowy, bo doniczka jest przyozdobiona w srebrne S;)Niestety nie odkryłam w sobie talentu rzeźbiarskiego, chociaż bardzo chciałam ;) dlatego drugi klosz pokazuję z daleka. Miał być to embrion smoka...Wiem, wiem, wygląda jak przerosnięty konik morski z łapami i za długim ogonem....;)

Jun 25, 2010

Nighty night

I took these photos some time ago. It was night and I turned the lights off leaving just a small lamp on. I was sitting in front of the office reading something - most probably one of the HP books ;) - I rose my head and saw this. I just liked the light there:) So here they are.:)

Od dzis dodaję notki po polsku:) Fotki zrobiłam pewnego wieczoru, gdy wyłączywszy główną lampę, czytałam sobie jedną z częsci HP przy nocnej lampce. Czytałam siedząc na przeciwko gabinetu. W pewnej chwili podniosłam głowę i zobaczyłam to. Bardzo spodobało mi się to swiatło w gabinecie....

Jun 22, 2010

Glass shopping.

These wonderful mini domes and jars I bought at Timber Ridge Studio. The shop offers mostly a range of little seashells and porcelain. The jars I bought are made of glass, the domes are plastic ones. I am going to fill them in with something magical. :) The domes are quite big so I don't have to worry of making something too big. ;) Under one of the dome you can see a very pretty blue-white cup I've got with my order. I looove mini surprises!:) Thank you Ronni! And thank you Ira very very much for their link!

Jun 19, 2010

Rainbow coffee tables

These coffee tables are made of pieces of agate and "golden" egg holders I found in Indian shoppe here. I bought egg holders thinking of making some pouffes in the future and agates because I loved them:)

I love the fact that every piece of the stone has got different colour and different pattern and all are just beautiful. They are sold here atas pendants - that's why you can see a little hols in them :) - but they are fab table tops.;)

Two sides table top - that's why it cannot be firmly glued! ;)

It looks like some Oceanic island to me.:)

I think the rainbow coffe tables could be used in modern interiors, Asian inspired ones or in shabby schic ones too.;) These are the legs of the tables.

No, it doesn't has 6 legs! What you see are two egg holders put together:)But the legs may be made of something else, like here :)

The wooden elephants!:)

The table tops are not glued to the legs for now as I need to find a place for them yet.;)

Jun 18, 2010

Severus Snape'e snake book ;)

Lucky me! Oh,no! I forgot again: Lucky Snape!:D Look what postman brought me.. ee.. him today! A parcel from Ira!

This great book with snake on it's cover is going to just adorn his office! And so is the rest of books and notebooks Ira generously sent us. Girl, you are much too good for me!:D I love them all and they all will be placed in the office! The snake's book is my absolute favourite!:D Thank you sooooooooo much Ira!:)

Jun 16, 2010

My purchases from Lorraine home!:D

This is fun!:D I was reading Debbie's of Tiny Treasures post about beautiful wands made by our very talendet Ira and Ira's post about her purchases from DFLY Creations, around noon today, not knowing that somehow my next post will be related to these two posts when I come back home ;)
And when I did I found a parcel with my purchases from lovely Lorraine of DFLY Creations! Lately Lorraine made a number of great wands and boxes and thanks to her kindness I was lucky to buy these three wonderful creations! She even made one wand more of already sold ones specially for me:)

Thank you Lorraine! The wands and the box are just simply beautiful!

And welcome to all my new Followers! It's 153 now! WOW! Hope you all will have fun here! :)

Jun 13, 2010

Still Water

I was once asked by Ascension if I am going to fill the jars in with some liquid too. Well, the truth is, in my country it is really hard to get many things one can make minis from, so naturally I couldn't find any liquid fimo or scenic water here. But looking through the hobbycraft's websites I found a shop in my city with all the things one needs to build electric mini railways and trains together with all the views around. That's how I found something called Still Water. It is used by minitrain's lovers to make small ponds, waterfalls and rivers. They wrote on the bottle, the liquid should extend and level by itself and dry to hard non sticky crystal finish within 24 hours. I thought I will give it a try.

First I put some of orchid's dry offshoots to the jar and filled 2/3 of it with the liquid in.

48 hours later it still didn't dry. I left it for some more time thinking that there maybe some chemical reaction between the liqiud and natural offshoots.
But in the meantime I tried once more, this time with the jar fully filled with the black pepper seeds. I poured the liquid in and 12 hours later I was surprised because it dried completely! So I knew I must put more of offshoots to the first jar. I did. The liquid dried soon!

Next I tried it with the tadpoles I made of airdrying clay. I was a bit affraid if they could melt in this liquid. Still I put them to the jar, filled the jar just a little bit above the tadpoles with Still Water in and waited. And waited. I saw the tail of the tadpole on the top is broken but the liquid finally started to dry. After two days it dried!

But a few days later I saw this in the jar!

A whirlpool! Lol! I put the jar up side down and thought the liquid would level itself. But it didn't. So I put the jar back as it should be. Luckily nothing more is going on with the tadpoles and the liquid so far.

The conclusion: Still Water is a good liquid for flat, shallow and even areas. It wrappes aroud things instead of fullfilling the dish.
I will give it a try with really small bottles and see if it will be drying better and faster there.

Jun 11, 2010

The laboratory table changes

This is the first table I've got for Snape's office. I bought it unpainted for there is more fun with it then.;) This is one of the tables everybody says it looks so small and one cannot put many things on the top of it. And later it appears one can put a lot of stuff there.;) This is the trial arrangement of laboratory bottles and papers that I photographed around....two years ago - I am slow worker really ;)

You've already seen this photo before but this is how the table looked when first painted and in this stage it spent these years in the box.

Later the idea of how the table should look like changed. I admitted the table is quite small and decided to extend it. This is how it looked with additonal table top and shelf and first layers of a new paint.

And this is how it looks right now
I am really pleased with it now.

Although, you know me...the table is not finished yet I am affraid. ;)I am planning one more change.

I will show it to you once I figure out how to do this thing.:)

Jun 9, 2010

The ears for Nina ;) The candles for Snape:)

Today the postman brought me these beautful Magic Spell Candles for Severus!I bought them from DFLY Creations at their Etsy shop. And I also got a gift, can you see it?:) The candles are just fab! They will be perfect in the office:). Thank you, Lorraine, for them and for the gift!:)

Now about that ears. They of course are not for Nina but she wanted to see them so here they are. One is heavly crushed - te owner probably didn't want to give it away without a fight;)

Jun 7, 2010

A fish, a frog and a snake :)

That just means my first trials with the air drying clay. I have to admit I am somehow affraid of using a clay although I love the things, specially minis made of all sorts of clays:) Still it was an interesting experience. I started with some medieval pottery but the result was just a disaster ;) Still I didn't give in yet. I've heard so many times about the shrinkage of this clay which made me very happy because I was thinking it will be perfect for jar's fulfillment. But it appears my clay just doesn't shrink at all or not much really. Or - and most probably - I made the minis too big so the clay couldn't just shrink THAT much;) So here they are: a fish
A frog or I should say Neville's toad (finally killed by his potions'skills;)) in a Douglas sample container as it was too fat for Avon's jar;)
And a snake which didn't shrink at all that's why it looks so strange and doesn't look like a snake at all.
I made a pair of ears and three tadpoles too but don't know yet if I will use them somewhere in the office :) I think I might give a try to that clay one day:)

Jun 5, 2010

Gifts for Ira, Nina and a question for Sans

First of all a very warm welcome to my new Followers! Glad you are here! And I hope you will have fun!:)

Ira wrote she is not patient when it comes to surprises so I decided to make a pre-view of what I will be sending to her hopefully on Monday.:) Dear Ira, these little things are from me to say thank-you for your good heart and for all the fun I have here - I hope you have it too ;)(If, or I should write: when ;)you decide to make HP house I can collect some Avon's jars for you too if you wish ;)) First of all you (or I should say most probably the skellies) will get these three very simple old books

From left to right we have here:
1. The cook book - "Imagine: how to make something to eat from the very bony beef"
2. The cook book - "Imagine: how to make something to eat from the very husky fish"
3. No, that is not a cook book it is album!;)
Of course Ira you can name the books the way you wish. You should see the sale's man in the shop - I just loved the look on his face when I asked only for the skulls and bones.;)And as I visit the shop often lately he still asks me what I have done to that stuff:D Now there are a few minis more for you Ira:)

There is a top hat for Mr Poe - this one is made just of paper (right for the dead man I think;))I thought he may need something more clean when he is going on the date with this lady or ladies? (I can't recognize;)) Hope you will like the minis! :)
Now move on to dear Nina. You didn't say yes and you didn't say no my dear ;) so I am sending these little things for your future pub and a white-blue room. Hope you will like them:)
And a question for dear Sans: would you like something like these books?
Now I am off to bed. Good night:)