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Mar 31, 2010

Musee des Miniatures & Decors de Cinema

Maybe some of you have already seen it, maybe some of you even visited it....Lucky you, guys! I only found this website today and I still am in shock! What a fab museum! If I go to France one day that's what I MUST see! Musee des Miniatures & Decors de Cinema in Lyon (Don't need to see anything more there;))

Happy Easter Everyone!

Mar 30, 2010

Day 3

The sun wasn't shining, so it was easier to work - no walk this day as it started to rain! - but it got darker ;) I finally decided to use round shaped bricks for the wall above the fireplace and I did. With these bricks the fireplace looks more like the castle's one. This way the costruction of the walls was over. As I am unpatient person (this is no good when you work with miniatures - I know, no good at all, but what can I do about it?;)) and there was nothing more to build, I put the first layer of acrylic paint on the walls. The walls inside were painted dark grey, the outside ones - light grey and the fireplace - black.
The office is 52cm long, 32cm wide and 22cm high. I used 3 boxes of Teifoc bricks, that is around 780 bricks overall:)

Mar 29, 2010

Need an inspiration?

Here it is! Beautiful house, isn't it? This is the house of "The Herbalist" - that's the title of the latest advertisement of one of our Cooking Oil Companies. Here is the herbalist herselfI really love this house both outside and inside! Love to see it in miniature - somebody wants to make it, please?:) Couldn't find the picture of the inside of the house but you can see the whole film here Don't worry it is short! Pay attention, please, to the oil press machine and flying table and chairs! Enjoy!

Mar 28, 2010

Day 2

Again the sun was shining on the sky through the whole day and I - instead of going for a long walk - was sorting the bricks, preparing next lots of cement, putting it and bricks in the rows and checking if they - the rows - are straight. At the end of the day I practically finished building the walls up and here you can see the effect.
As you can see there is a gap where the fireplace is - I didn't want to have a straight wall there and left the gap for the next day as I finally would find out the idea how to finish it. First I was thinking about airdrying clay but I was left with the number of bricks that have different shapes than rectangle and started to think how to use them.
You can also notice I didn't use all parts of the window and one part on the photo is laying away. The reason is simple: the bricks are a bit too thick comparing to the "thickness" of the window and there would be a gap between these sides if I tried to build them both in. So I might use this free part in future in some other project. Welcome to the Snape's- almost-ready-office!:) Come inside! I'll show you around!

Mar 26, 2010

Day 1

Ok, you need to know one thing: I decided not to have wooden walls at all.... There are probably a lot of easier and maybe cheaper ways of constructing the walls but I found these wonderful children's toys some time ago and wanted desperately to use them in this project! So here I present you(something my great Spanish Followers may know:))) a Spanish company by the name of Teifoc and here is one of their products to show you it IS a childrens' toy;) When I first saw these bricks I knew I must make the office's walls of them! You can easly buy the Teifoc bricks in Poland.(Now you know why I needed these days off...) The Teifoc kit contains bricks (of different shapes and colours), a bag of cement powder, a plastic bowl and plastic parts (like windows and doors), a small trowel and a building plan or plans. The cement must be mixed with water and then you can put the walls together;)The best thing about the Teifoc bricks is that if you are bored or not pleased with what you built you can demolish the building by soaking it for a few hours in water.(Hope there is not going to be any flood in our flat:)) So here it is the first day of building, the sun was up on the sky and I was putting first rows of the walls up. You can see the Teifoc box in the right corner of this photo. The sun was almost down when I finished the first day with the walls half way up. I really enjoyed this hand work ;)

Mar 25, 2010

The day before the construction begins :)

So, as I said I needed a few days off to start buildig this office and I did take some free time - that has convinced me I could make miniatures as full time pleasure instead of going to work everyday - it is such a waist of time ...;) Anyway, I started with painting all the pieces that are going to be non-removable, so here you have my gothic window - I only painted it with acrylic paints, didn't even sand it first, as this should look like the stone window. Almost the same I did to this big Emporium's fireplace, I painted it with acrylic paints, so that everyone could think it was used some time ago(I tested it on my sister and she wondered why it is soooooo used - guess it works then;) The doors were a bit of work as I wanted them to be one wing door, so I needed to take the hingers from one wing out, glue the wings together, add small boards to strengthen the door, paint it and add a beautiful lock with a key that I bought together with the door and the window. I aged all golden metal trimmings with a bit of black paint and here you can see how the door looks now One thing I don't like about this door is....a smell of the brown paint - it is really stinky and I don't know why, because the rest of the paints don't smell at all!

Mar 22, 2010

The Metal Nail Jewelery

Remember? I mentioned this kind of nail jewelery some posts ago. Here is what I made of it.
Here are more details. The Flame Book part I ;) The Flame Book part II :)
The Snake Book ;)
And some magic book
The last one is definately not going to be in Severus' office - I think he would get sick if he saw all these flowers.... Can you read the name of the city? If not then I better write it;) The title of the book is "Paris" :)

Mar 20, 2010

The next lot of jars, the lamp, the fireplace etc.

Today I am showing to you the next lot of jars and bottles I have collected so far for my project:
These bottles above are collected by my (almost) whole family for me:) The glass jars are after some SPA fluid from one of the cosmetic companies that sells its' products by travelling agents. The taller bottles are perfume bottles and the white cans are after some medicines. As you all can see I haven't done anything with them except for collecting:) I need to remove the signs, so if anyone knows how to remove them from the glass jars I will be verry happy to learn it!:) Below the "phials" and the "vinaigrettes" I made myself, of beads and metal jewelery parts (the ones from my last post) :) I really like them!:)
And here are the next lamp and the fireplace I bought at Emporium. On this photo they are lying on the board, that's going to be the base of the office.
The reason why I have chosen this one fireplace over the others, is its' height. It measures 153mm of height, so it is a perfect one for Remus Lupin to come to Severus' office usig Floo powder without any problems and efforts.;)

Mar 13, 2010

Some "silvers"

First of all a very warm WELCOME to all my new Followers! Witam wszystkich polskich Obserwatorów bardzo serdecznie! I hope you all will spend a good time here!
Next thing is a big big thank you to Zofianna for all the awards! As they almost all are in Polish I pass them to Anais for her efforts in creating her completely own dolls in 1:12 scale:)
Today I want to show you some silver stuff I decided Severus needs in his office - ok, I do not really know if he would like to have any of them in his office, but hey! that's my project, so he has nothing to say about it anyway;-) So I start with some stuff you could see in one of my former posts and I bought them in Valerie Claire Miniatures:
The balance is a bit out of scale I think but it will look ok if I put it somewhere on the shelf:)
And now the candles and candlesticks I made myself:)

And because on the photograph above I put one candlestick upside down here is how it shoul look like:

The candles are made of real candle's wax and black thread and candlesticks are of metal jewelery parts. Here is also cake stand made of metal jewelery parts and..metal button:)

You can see more metal jewelery parts on above photo too - I will use them later:)

Mar 6, 2010

The perfect lamp ;)

Again something I was searching for the long time for! I wanted the desk's lamp to be similar to the one in the movie and couldn't find it! Almost lost hope completely ;)And then I found it. A perfect lamp for my project! Here it is:

I love every detail of it!

I found it at the Mountain Miniatures. I have to admit: for me the lamp WAS expencive and the shipping....even more! Good thing about it - except for being a perfect lamp of course ;) - was a really fast delivery :) Need to repaint it, I know :)

Mar 3, 2010

Wow! The second Award!

Thank you Kassandra for this beautiful award! I was so surprised to get an award at all and to get the second within 2 weeks that really is a big surprise!THANK YOU!!!!
The rules for this award are:
1.Thank the person that gave it to you - done ;)
2.Copy the logo and place it in your blog - done ;)
3.Link to the person who nominated you - done :)
4.Name 7 things about yourself that nobody knows - hmmmmm and what if I don't have secrets? ;)
5.Nominate 7 kreativ bloggers - just about:)
6.Post link to the 7 blogs that you nominate - just about :)
7.Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know that you nominate them - in a moment;)

The award goes to - could I give it to everybody's blog I follow and everybody that follows my blog, please?:)That would be the best because watching your blogs I know I don't deserve this award and I am such a lazy girl comparing to all of you ;) If rules must be obey then I am passing this award to: