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Mar 23, 2016

I am in love! Zakochałam się!

How could I not be?

I love RL orchids, I had and have a few home (with different results).  Particularly I am fond of slipper orchids and their different and beautiful flowers. So naturally I too love all miniature orchids, I cherish the beautiful gifts from Sans and the prettiest phalenopsis from Ilona and these I bought earlier I like too. ;) And I have been in love with Edi's orchids since a long time.

And how could I not be in love with this slipper orchid which  is a gift from this fabulous Artist and a great Person too. Safely arrived from so far away. Thank you sooooo much Edi!!

My Artists' orchids little collection. ;)

I hope to post another post tomorrow, this time not about flowers. ;)

Dostałam przepiękny prezent od niezwykle utalentowanej Artystki. Koniecznie obejrzyjcie jej prace. Nie macie pojęcia jak maleńki i delikatny jest ten storczyk. Cudo!

Jutro mam nadzieję napisać kolejny post, tym razem nie o kwiatach. ;)