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Sep 30, 2011

Hey, hey, here it is : A Give-Away!!!!!:)

To celebrate you, my 350 Followers and Friends, all the coloured leaves falling from the trees, wonderful sunny weather and the loss of my job(after 20 years of hard work) I have prepared my first (and most probably the only;))give-away! For a long time I was thinking about it but I wasn't sure if I was able to make something that could look nice and be interesting to you.;) Finally here it is and I really hope you will like it.:)

All you have to do is to be the Follower of this modest blog and of course write a comment under this post. Give-away is open till October 15th. Good luck!

Mój pierwszy give-away, żeby okazać wdzięcznosć Wam, Obserwatorom, radosć tytułem pięknej pogody i uczcić stratę pracy. Wszystko co musicie zrobić, żeby wziąć w nim udział, to być Obserwatorem tego bloga i napisać(cos miłego;))w komentarzach.Give-away trwa do 15tego Października. Powodzenia

Sep 26, 2011

Isn't it madness already?

It must be…
I went to see the annual event called ”the Gifts of Earth”. I hadn’t been there for a few years since the event was moved to another place, a bit far from my home. Actually at it’s beginning this event concerned all the fresh farm produce that men can collect during early autumn. Nowadays I think it is changing into the artisans’ show and a one big picnic. Which is not that bad after all, but it has less and less in common with it’s title.
Anyway, back to my title: is it still normal that I am taking below photos thinking like this:
Don’t they just look like Katie’s? Wonder if they had seen them on her blog before they got that idea….

These remind me of Nikki and all the Ladies that celebrate Halloween….

Ohhhh, Sans just might like to see ours, I think…

Wasn’t it Bozse that talked about pepper sometime ago?

This skill I really have to learn, will make my own for my mini Friends and myself..

And this could be useful for some shabby chic Lovers

Or this for me, when I decide to make something rusty

Oh, a mini-house – who cares it is for bees anyway?;)

I wonder could they be used in a mini garden?

Yes, I think it is a madness, or at least not normal. Be happy I didn’t decide to put all the photos I took here…;)

To chyba jakies ciężkie szaleństwo, byłam na Darach Ziemi i wszystko kojarzyło mi się z blogowym swiatem miniatur....;)

Sep 23, 2011

Ready for Autumn!

At least Seiichiro is ;)

More photos here as usual.:)

Najmłodszy gotowy na jesień ;) Więcej fotek jak zwykle tutaj.

Sep 13, 2011

The "stained-glass" bowls

Very easy to make, just a bit of glass paint here and there.;)

Love glass paints, they can be used for so many purposes.;)

Misy(a raczej miseczki) witrażowe, proste w wykonaniu, wystarczy metalowy półfabrykat jubilerski i troche farby do szkła tu i tam.;)

Sep 5, 2011

Three days of The Culture 2011 Tall Ship Regatta

They say there are three most beautiful views in the world: the woman in dance, galloping horse and frigate with the sails fully open....
Dar Młodzieży, Poland

Day 1st
Yachts named after Gdynia's districts

Kruzenstern, Russia

Mir, Russia

Sedov, Russia

On board of Piast, Polish navy

Fryderyk Chopin's masts at night

ORP Błyskawica, warship-museum

Day 2nd
At marina

Dar Młodzieży, Poland

Dar Pomorza(Poland) at sunset

Day 3rd
Kruzenstern, Russia

Sedov, Russia

Mir, Russia

Gulden Leeuv, Holland

Galland, Holland

Fryderyk Chopin, Poland

Brabander, Lithuania

Johann Smidt, Germany

Tecla, Holland

Thallasa, Holland

Zawisza Czarny, Poland

And they are gone.....

Zlot Żaglowców w Gdyni, 2-5 Wrzesnia 2011.