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Oct 28, 2011

A seaside resort after season. Kurort po sezonie.

Went for a short autumn walk today and took...68 photos! LOL! I really love this place without hundreds of people.;D So for those of you, who, like me, love colder weather here is some sun and all this season's colours from my pretty city.;)Enjoy!

Sometimes I think I should open another blog for such photos....What do you think? Can they all be in one place? Or should I have a second blog for travels and photos? One is easier to manage, I think.;)

Troszkę fotek pięknej polskiej jesieni w kurorcie po sezonie.:)

Oct 23, 2011

An armchair make-over no1.

Dear Betsy has asked me lately if I do anything with miniatures nowadays. I am happy to say: actually I do!;) Here is the first post for a long time only about miniatures;)and I do hope to show you what I am working on soon.
Remember the puzzle furniture that Kristy once showed on her fab blog?(Does anyone know what is with Kristy anyway?) They reminded me about cheap furniture kits made in China that one can buy here quite easly. One of the kits is a living room set which includes sofa, two tables and two armchairs - that look like this.

Or they are supposed to look like above but it is rather hard to put them together - the holes are much too big for furniture to look nice without any additional work. But they seem to be good as the base for some changes. So I tried my chances and cut many parts away, then I had to fill the gaps in....

...then polish it up....

...and paint it once....

...and twice....

...then it was a time for upholstery and of course you can see the furniture suddenly got "older";)

Still it wasn't ready. I was looking at it for a long time and finally knew it needed a small addition....And here it is ready!

Hope you like the new-old armchair! And yes, the second one is something I am just working on...;)

W jednym ze sklepów zabawkowych w moim miescie mozna czasem dostać chińskie zestawy drewnianych mebelków w skali 1:12. Ich jakosć nie jest najlepsza i żeby w ogóle dobrze wyglądały trzeba się trochę przy nich napracować. Dzis pokazuję Wam co udało mi się zrobić z jednego z zestawowych foteli. Wymagało to sporej ilosci cięcia i szlifowania, ale myslę, że mebel wygląda nieco lepiej.;) Nad drugim własnie pracuję ;)

Oct 21, 2011

Thank you, Jollie!!!!!!!!!

I should have written this post months ago, I know. Somehow I couldn't organize myself lately, sorry about that. But in the meantime I did email Jollie with "thank you" already:)
So today I wanted to officially say: thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jollie! Thank you for your generous and good heart!:)
Jollie and I were emailing each other sometime ago and she'd known about my work situation a bit earlier than I wrote about it here. She sent me a parcel to cheer me up and for good luck too. She said it would have been something small but just look at that! She thought not only about me but my....BJDolls too!!!

I was really touched by all these little things, specially by this poppy necklace Jollie made herself and all the tiny seashells and stones that remind me about all the holidays I spent on the Greek islands. She couldn't know that but I've been bringing a few shells from every trip or holidays I spend on the river or seafront. I have a very special place for them....

Yes, a little glass aquarium with fish! Nope, there is no water inside and the fish I brought from our trip to Israel. I couldn't find English name of them but they are also called St.Peter's fish. The key rings are too delicate to wear them with the keys so now they "swim" above the shells from Greece, Israel, Italy, Scotland, Tunisia and some other countries that my friends went to too.:)

Thank you, Jollie once again! Everytime I look at the blue key-ring that hangs on my closet's handle I think of you generous heart.:)

Podziękowanie dla Jollie, która postanowiła mnie pocieszyć gdy dowiedziała się o mojej sytuacji. Cudowna Dziewczyna! :)

Oct 16, 2011

And we have The WINNER!

First of all many thanks to all the Participants of my first give-away!
The biggest "thank you" I am sending to all of you who sent wishes concerning my work situation - thank you from the bottom of my heart, Ladies, it means a lot!
Further more a big welcome to all new Followers! I am really happy you all decided to follow my modest blog, thank you!
And now off we go:
the list....

.....was cut into pieces....

....and put to the bowl.... was kind of hard to make the draw and to take a photo at one time but I did it;)

And the Winner is....

Congratulations Patrizia!!!!! Patrizia please email me with your address so that I could send my give-away to you:) Thank you and congrats once again!!

Przede wszystkim serdecznie dziękuję za wszystkie słowa otuchy, Wasze wsparcie bardzo się dla mnie liczy!! Wyniki losowania mojego pierwszego give-awaya widzicie powyżej. Bardzo dziękuję wszystkim Uczestnikom! !Zwłaszcza tym odważnym z Polski!;) Mam nadzieję, że szczęscie się do Was usmiechnie następnym razem.:)