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Feb 27, 2010

Bottles and jars

First of all a very warm WELCOME to all of my new Followers! I am so happy such talented people follow my modest blog! Welcome! Hope you will all have "sunny hours" watching it;)
Secondly I have to admit I need some free time from my work to get properly started with this project and I hope I will have a short holidays in March. Then I will post more often - I promise! :)
And today a few words of bottles and jars - I need them really in "rather" big number and since now I've collected some ;)
Here I go:

These are the first bottles and the jar I have got in my "collection". The green round bottle is a perfume one I have got for years now - I never knew what perfume was inside because when I got it the perfume with it's fragrance was already gone ;)The jar is from some medicine and I do not remember where the red jelly is from but it looks so nice inside ;)

The jars and perfume bottles on the left are from Cotton Ridge Designs, small and the smallest "bottles" on the right are beads remade to pretend real bottles ;)

This great stuff above is from Valerie Claire Miniatures and so are the labels:

And here is the first lot of fullfilled and labeled bottles and jars ready to put them on the shelfs (that are not existing yet ;)

Feb 21, 2010

My first award!

Wow! Dear Debbie from TinyTreasures has awarded my blog! Thank you very very much!Hope it will make me to write more often ;)
Now I should award six other blogs, so the award goes to:
The Dangerous Mezzo

Feb 10, 2010

The door and the window

After months of searching for the right door and the right window I finally realized I need to change the phrase I used for searching from the arch door into...the gothic door. This time I found a proper door and a proper window almost at once!Here they are:

Found them at Bromley craft. The door needs to be remade into one wing door. And the window - well it is "a bit" too big for the dungeon but since I plan there will be the only one window I think it will be fine.

Feb 6, 2010

Close up of my books

A big thank you for my first Followers! I never thought I will have even one! Welcome!:)
I've made better picture of my books with paper pages, so here it is:

At first I thought there are enough books for Severus' office, after all there shoud be a lot of jars in it, but I have just found great jewellery to make some more interesting covers. Nail metal jewellery that is. I really don't know if I would like to have something like that on my own nails, but there is something in saying you never know where you can find anything useful for miniatures ;) I will show you it as soon as my order will finally come to me. Our post office is really working soooo sloooow...

Feb 2, 2010

The Cauldron

I guess everything started with this small, black cauldron.

I saw it at and I just knew it is a must have for me :) I do not remember if I was thinking of Snape's office yet. Sill, I needed to buy the cauldron "right now!" :) Then I remember I started to make books of wood, maybe a bit primitive way of making books ;) but they were the very first books that I made myself. I gave them the skin covers in different colours. The covers look as the books were already used and old.

I must say I liked them until I saw books made by Ericka Van Horn from EV Miniatures I have absolutely gone mad about her books and wizardy stuff! She has inspired me so much, so before I ordered her artwork I had changed the way of making my own books, so here you see the books with paper pages and some "jewlery" on the top of covers.

Finally I bought these beautiful printed papers and the Gost Face Book from her. Great stuff, don't you think?