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Oct 5, 2015

Dahlias. Dalie.

Today non mini post, but I had never seen these colours of dahlias - pink and gold. I didn't say I saw everything, though. Lol. So here are a few photos of beautiful and short-time-in-vase-standing dahlias I bought some time ago.


Dziś post nie o miniaturach, ale muszę przyznać, że nie widziałam wcześniej dalii w takich kolorach - róż i "złoto" . No przecież nigdy nie powiedziałam, że już wszystko widziała. ;) Parę zdjęć pięknych i niestety krótkotrwałych dalii, które kupiłam jakiś czas temu.


17-17 said...

Przepiękne faktycznie, też takich nie widziałam, i jakie ładne zdjęcia!

Ilona said...

Hi Ewa! Oh, how beautiful these gorgeous flowers, indeed awesome colors!! It's a real feast for my old, now tired eyes :D!
I'm still making miniature flowers for the coming miniature show at the end of October, so I still can use a little inspiration ;O! *sigh* And I still have to do a lot of work, but it's also much fun!!
Thanks for sharing these natural beauties :)!
Warm and colorful hugs, Ilona

Daydreamer said...

Wow! They are very Beautiful, Ewa! I grew some dahlias once, but they don't keep over the winter here unless you store them properly... and it is complicated! The colors are so beautiful!

BiWuBär said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. Dahlias are among my favourite flowers (well, okay, I love all kind of flowers buy anyway... *teehee*), they come in so many varieties like cactus, pompon, nymphea and in so many wonderful warm colours... But as Betsy already said it's sad that they are not able to survive frost.


Giac said...

Witaj Ewa,
Co za jasny i wspaniały sposób na rozpoczęcie mój dzień. Postaram się, żeby te zdjęcia na pulpicie!
Duży uścisk,

Drora's minimundo said...

Wow! These are real beauties! Nature is best artist.
Thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Drora

Timea said...

Hi Ewa.
I am happy to find your blog . Many interesting staff,and those beautiful
flowers ....
Mother nature is wonderful .

Pippibär said...

Thanks for showing those wonders of nature. It´s a plesure to see those great colors of a flower in those grey in grey weather days we´ve got this time

Plushpussycat said...

Gorgeous flowers, Ewa. Thanks for sharing--it is always lovely to hear from you! xo Jennifer

Sans! said...

Hey SoulSis, I just spent the last 10-15 minutes reading all your posts. There was 1 about Xmas a few posts back and I realised that was the one you did in 2014. I have been gone a long time eh?

Have to tell you, I felt so so proud to read about the feature of yoru work in the dollhouse magazine. I want to say "I told You SO!" Have always known that if you just keep at it, you will master and master you did. I know it's hard but hard work always pays off.

I have missed you and thought about both you and your papa and mama a lot. Reading your posts made me think about my trip with you even more. I recognise where you took the pictures of the flowers here for example.

Your message in my blogpost moved me a lot. Thank you, dear sis. Please send everyone at home 1 million kisses and hugs.

Christel said...

Dear Ewa, your flowers are so vivid, and beautiful! Wishing you and your family a wonderfully Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! Thank you so much for visiting my blog throughout the year, it means a lot to have the support of such talented fellow artists! xoxox Christel