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Jun 5, 2015

Kitchen island. Wyspa kuchenna.

In opposite to my second baptism memory box this one was the most time(and nerves) consuming order. It may look easy peasy to make but  this is not it's first and only version I made before I felt it was more or less okay.

Truth is I was working with polystyrene for the very first time and though many people use it making minis I find it hard to work with. The reason to use it was my customer's "shiny surfaces" request.

It may look like the top, sides and shelves should have been the esiest but it was faucet that was really easy to make.

Anyway this is done and I hope my customer is pleased though I still have the feeling I could make it better...


W przeciwieństwie do drugiej pamiątki chrztu świętego, to zamówienie zajęło mi jak dotąd najwięcej czasu i zeżarło najwięcej nerwów. Może i wygląda na proste do zrobienia, ale ... to nie jest pierwsza wersja wyspy.

Po raz pierwszy pracowałam z polistyrenem i chociaż całkiem sporo osób używa go do wykonania miniatur, dla mnie jest całkowicie niewdzięcznym materiałem do pracy. Powód użycia - prośba klientki o błyszczące powierzchnie.

Zapewne może się wydawać, że blat, boki czy półki powinny były być najprostsze do zrobienia, ale najprostszy do wykonania dla mnie był kran. ;)

Tak czy inaczej mam nadzieję, że klientka jest zadowolona, ja niestety mam cały czas uczucie, że mogłam była zrobić tę wyspę lepiej.


PILAR6373 said...

Tiene un aspecto estupendo!!!!

17-17 said...

Oj tam, Ewa, efekt jest super, wygląda jak prawdziwa kuchnia, ładnie się błyszczy, mnie się bardzo podoba.

Pepper said...

I think your customer will be very pleased. The unit is very good and the faucet looks great. I'm not keen on styrene either. I find wood far easier to work with. =0)

Ilona said...

Ewa, this kitchen island looks fantastic, you've done a great job!! I've also seen that other bloggers have used this material and besides that it's hard to obtain for me, it also seems quite difficult to handle for me :)! I love the faucet you've made, it looks awesome and so life-like! So, when can I come over for a chat while we're washing the dishes ;O!?
Your answer on my blog was right: it's a 'someone' ;)!
I wish you a great weekend, I hope the weather will be sunny.
Hugs, Ilona

aszeko said...

Mnie się bardzo podoba :)

Fabiola said...

Your kitchen island looks amazing.

BiWuBär said...

Stunning work... and for sure worth all the effort you had to put in to make it. I have no doubt your customer will be very happy - with a stylish sink like this even cleaning the dishes will make fun... ;O)


niela said...

Jest śliczna. Aaa kran to mistrzostwo. Sama mam taki w domu;)

Plushpussycat said...

It looks great to me, Ewa! Very clean and crisp! xo Jennifer

Giac said...

Hello Ewa,
I think the result is beautiful. It looks very realistic and very well put together. I am sure your customer will love it.
Big hug,

Christel said...

Hello Ewa, wonderful details as always! I tried to work with styrene, did not care for it at all. I find balsa much easier to work with for my needs. I made a very sweet head board, and was perfectly pleased with it, however, it was far from your perfect pices! Bravo to you, glad to see a new post from you. XOXOX Christel

Daydreamer said...

Dear Ewa, somehow I missed this post! :( But I think you have done an incredible job working with a material you are not familiar with and in a style you are not used to doing! You have a great deal of courage and clearly can make anything you set your mind to! The modern look of this island is so pure and clean.... it looks straight out of a Design Magazine! LOL! I think the faucet is Awesome! Wow! The whole piece is really remarkable! I can't wait to see how you will astonish me next!

Kikka N said...

Very beautiful work! Congratulations!