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My on-line Work-Shop.:)
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Jul 9, 2010

The summer's stroll:)

As it is really hot these days here we usually go for a walk when the sun goes down. A few days ago I took Poppet-that-Lives-in-Poland with me. And I thought I will share his first walk at the sea-side with you.:)Here are some photos of it.:)
He was contemplating life;)

And the sea.

And the sky.

Watch out! The Dementor in Gdynia!!!;)

This is our city-beach, we also have the other one that is called the wild-beach:) There are not many people here as it was a few days beafore tourist's season.:)

Huuuge drinks!!

Powyżej fotki z pierwszego spaceru Poppeta po bulwarze nadmorskim i plaży:) Ludzi nie było zbyt wielu na naszej miejskiej plaży, bo fotki robiłam jeszcze przed sezonem i własciwie już o zachodzie słonca:)


Merry Jingle said...

You have a fabulous beach there! And the little Poppet is so cute, I'm trying not to go to Etsy and buy one :D

The Old Maid said...

Well, you know Ira - they still have a SALE for the red poppets ;)

Tallulah Belle said...

What lovely photos :-)

You live in a beautiful area.

The Old Maid said...

Thank you Jayne! Yes it is a beautiful place :)

Ascension said...

Que fotos mas fantasticas!!!!
El pequeño Poppet, se ve que se lo paso genial, hasta un bebida fria.....
besitos ascension

The Old Maid said...

Muchas gracias Ascension!

Glenda said...

Dear poppet, he must have enjoyed the beach, it looks so lovely!! Did you get wet knees doing the photographs? - you're very good with the camera, Ewa!!

The Old Maid said...

Not really:) Thank you so much, Glenda!!

Minnie Kitchen said...

loving the pics!

Margaret said...

This poppet really grabs my imagination, I think he is a living being and enjoy your photographs of his explorations in human society.

Sans! said...

Your poppet look like she can sing :):), maybe a contemplative opera as she watches the sky and sea..hehehe :). These whimsical pics always bring a smile to my face :).

Fiver said...

Oh, there's that little poppet fellow again! I love him!! It really does look like he's deep in thought, lol. How nice of you, Ewa, to take the little guy to the beach. And it is a beautiful beach!

May said...

Que tarde tan maravillosa ha pasado la pequeña Poppet.
Las playas son preciosas, QUe bien me vendria compartir esas bebidas.
Besitos, May