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Jul 28, 2010

Hello New Zealand!!! Thank you!!!!!!:D

Today my post office worked well and the postman brought a little parcel from the other side of the Globe to me!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, with all my heart, for thinking of me while cleaning, dear Glenda!:D

Aren't they great?! I just love every piece of them!:) I promiss to use everything you so kindly sent to me, Glenda!:D You are so generous! Hugs and kisses from very grateful me.:D
Also I tried to take a good photo of the glowing broom, but it is too hard task for my little camera. Anyway this photo is better than the last one so here it is again :) I have to admit the broom glows for a long long time!:)

Dzis dostałam niewielką przesyłkę z Nowej Zelandii, a w niej same cuda! Strasznie się cieszę, że Glenda pomyslała o mnie robiąc wiosenne porządki ;)Próbowalam też zrobić dobre zdjęcie swiecącej się w nocy miotle, ale mój aparat nie jest dosć dobry do nocnych zdjęć miniatur. Ponieważ jednak ta fotka jest lepsza od ostatniej to pokazuję miotłę jeszcze raz :) Ona się swieci napradę bardzo długo!


Fiver said...

I don't know Ewa, I don't think you thanked Glenda quite enough times. One more "thank you" might do it, lol. That was very thoughtful of Glenda, what a sweetheart.
That's a great glow in the dark broom shot Ewa. So cool! Nikki better make a whole lot of those - I bet they'll sell like hotcakes, especially around Halloween time.

Pan said...

It will be interesting to see what you make with that little lot :-)

Christel Hutson said...

Dear Ewa, Now I am getting anxious for you to receive the bunnies! I sent them first class, not sure how long that will take..maybe this week sometime I hope. These are both great gifts to receive! I am thrilled for you. The tiny glowing broom is spooktacular! xoxox Christel

Norma said...

Hello Ira, so nice of Glenda to send you those things. And interesting to see your 'glow in the dark' broom, I've been thinking of using some glow-in-the-dark Modge Podge sealer on some of the things I'm making for the witches hutches - I even thought that maybe it'd be fun on a whole hutch, just one to try. Did you use a glow-in-the-dark paint or ordinary paint and fluorescent sealer? I've seen both at the craft store.

Norma said...

OOOOPS - sorry, I just realised I called you "Ira" in my comment - silly me!!! I'ts a pathetic excuse I know, but I'm just up and haven't eaten breakfast yet - obviously my brain not working properly ;)

Flor said...

En tus manos se hará magia, con todos esos regalos ( =
La escoba esta ¡increíble!!!

sagrario said...

¡Enhorabuena! seguro que podras hacer muchas cosas con esas piezas, y la escoba se ve divina

The Old Maid said...

:D Kristy - I don't know that either!!:D~
Pan, I am curious too;)
Dear Christel I am anxious too - it is quite possible I will call my post-office and ask them if they can look around, but I do hope they will come safely and soon.
Never mind Norma!:D You are not the only one to call me Ira ;D Tht's very flattering in fact, knowing how talented and generous Ira is :D I am sorry to disappoint you but I haven't make this broom - it was made by Nikki Rowe, I remember she wrote what paint she uses in one of her past posts. Maybe that will help? I am so curious to see the whole hutch glowing!:D
Thank you all Ladies for all the kind words!!:D

May said...

¡Que sorpresa recibir tantas cositas!
Seguro que haces muchas cosas con ellas.
La escoba es asombrosa.
Besitos, May

Sans! said...

Ewa! Happy dance for you :). Just love those odds and ends. So much potential right???

This glow in the dark idea for witchy project is soooooo fabulous! Nikki is always a few steps ahead :).

The Old Maid said...

Thank you Ladies!!:D

PAKY said...

I'm sure that you are thinking about a new project with this minis! hugs

Minnie Kitchen said...

so excited for you!

Glenda said...

Ewa, you're welcome!! Just a very little bag of tricks. :))
The unicorn horns and mushrooms were made by Nikki Rowe - I was lucky enough to buy some of her goodies a long time ago, I love them, but I'm happy to share!
I was thinking that the chains and tags might be good for magic old books, or you might find something very different for them.
The long pins are #000 insect pins, the finest you can get - I have used them on orreries, as they keep their shape well when bent. :))

Nikki's brooms are great, aren't they!!

The Old Maid said...

I love them all, Glenda! You are so generous person! So once again THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!:D

Ascension said...

La escoba es maravillosa.
Estoy deseando ver que vas ha hacer con tantas minis preciosas
besitos ascension

Kat The Hat Lady said...

I love the glow in the dark broom!

The Old Maid said...

Hmmm I shouldn't say that but I know someting about one broom well nah I am not going to spoil the surprise :D