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"Happy is (s)he who, like Ulysses, has travelled far...."

May 20, 2010

Welcome and an extra photo ;)

I've been bad I know I forgot of welcoming everyone new here:) NO, I haven't! I am so glad to see the New Followers - but the Ones that are already here for longer time too! Hope you all have fun here! This orchid is one of my own, I put it here specially to make you all feel comfortable:)
And an extra photo of the office of course - couldn't resist to show it to you:)

Actually this photo killed my camera. Or was it a dragon? It is a part of HP chess set collection - my cousin bought it for me - thank you Marta! - the dragon actually roars and belches the fire out, but only when you move it. Maybe some day I will manage to make it a photo when it does it, with my new camera of course ;)


Merry Jingle said...

The wall looks so great! And the dragon is fab!


The Old Maid said...

Thank you so much, Ira!:)