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May 25, 2010


Sorry, Ira, I don't know what you wanted from Finnish song??? It is so cool! I was laughing all the time! You are a great nation: first my fav Lordi and now this! Cool! The song sounds like our wedding-party songs :)- when the guests drunk a bit more ;)I hope that Finland will make it to the final contest! Keep my fingers crossed for them, for my absolutely beloved holiday country Greece(I want to go there now!;)), Iceland was cool too and that boy with guitar:). Serbia with Goran Bregovic's song was interesting too but the singer was looking...strange. We sounded as usual - lack of something - I don't really know what? I am waiting for the results ;)

Congrats to Greece! I am glad that Island singer made it:) At least someone who really sings :)

Still think Finland should have made it....:)


nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I read on Debbies blog you would like some dragon eggs. When i next make a batch i will send some to you as a gifts and some dragon hide/skin too.
It will be a while because need to get on with the decorating, then makes some new things for sale. I wont forget even if it turns out to be months befoe i do so.

Margaret said...

You two are really having a good time watching Eurovision, we haven't had it on here (in Oz), will watch out for it. It's usually so over the top it's funny.

Merry Jingle said...

Well, the perfomance was lame, lacking energy which is very suprising as these two girls are good singers but didn't too good job this time - Lordi did have some balls at least :D I think that she

And Finland should pay for these guys to go for the Eurovision

I liked Greece also and Serbia was good, but the looks of this guy, eh? And at least the Polish singer had strong voice, I liked him :) I think that Germany will win the whole thing, I didn't even know that the song was their Eurovision song, as it's been playing in the radio channels for months.

The Old Maid said...

Do watch it Margaret! I fing it funny everytime I watch it. Athought the final results are usually showing which countries like each other - or don't ;) which is not always good for the winning song:)

The Old Maid said...

Maybe our singer has a good voice Ira, but without any promotion he's just gone like every our song lately. This is strange because there is a long tv show when the audience should choose the song for the Eurovision and after that there is completely silence - even I couldn't remember what song was chosen this year for this festival ;) So this is good for Germans they took care of the song's promotion and it is quite possible they will win this year. If I was supposed to vote now - it would be Greece still ;)
Will watch the songs when I come back from work as we are forbidden to watch youtube here ;)

The Old Maid said...

Oh Nikki it is so sweet of you!! You are way too good for me! I can wait for ever for them!:)Thank you, thank you, thank you!!