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Aug 21, 2010

Lainie's give-away:)

Yep, I know I should show some progress on the office to you. I really am working on detiles so there is some very slow one there.;)
But today I want to show what I've won in Lainie's of Lainie's Little Things give-away! That was a real surprise because I only knew I won and didn't know completely what... I saw a photo with already prepared little packets on Lainie's blog and that was it! I had to wait to see all these beautiful miniatures she generously prepared! Just look how many they are!

And here they are! Beautiful pillow, pretty mirrors, love this little face and the roses:)

Love this copper box and the keys:)Perfect for Severus' office!

Beautiful little table and superb resin bottles and printed boxes!!

Lainie's favourite bottle ;)

And the hanging basket I will use in the fantasy garden :)

So many of them!!! Gosh, I am lucky, am I not? Thank you sooooo much Lainie! You made my Friday a very special day!!!!

Do go and see Lainie's blog - I wonder if you could find all "my" minis there;)

Tak wiem, powinnam pisać o tym co słychać na froncie urządzania gabinetu - cos się tam dzieje, choć teraz to już raczej wykańczam detale.;) Ale dzis chciałam Wam pokazać co dostałam z okazji wygrania give-away'a u Lainie! Sama się zdziwiłam ile tych miniaturek znalazło się w przesyłce od niej!!!
Mój faworyt to skrzyneczka z kluczykami;) Są troszeczkę za duże do gabinetu, ale może je tam upchnę?;)


Christel Hutson said...

wow Ewa, you, and ascension have to be the two luckiest people in blog land! Great minis, I'm sure you are thrilled to have them. Congrats. xoxox Christel

Michelle's Mad World said...

You are very lucky to win and sooo many things too! ;o) I love the little box and keys the best.

Michelle xxx

The Old Maid said...

No more than when I won your great give-away Christel!:)

The Old Maid said...

Thank you Michelle! I love them too!:)

Lainie's Little Things said...

So happy that you like everything Ewa. I just love seeing my minis on your blog! Thanks for posting! :~)

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

beautiful minis! My fave is the little copper box.


PAKY said...

Are wonderful gifts, congratulations Ewa, you're so lucky! hugs

May said...

¡Que maravilla recibir tantos regalitos! Son todos una preciosidad.
Felicidades a las dos.
Besitos, May

The Old Maid said...

Lainie thank you once again! They are great!:)

The Old Maid said...

Thank you Victoria (I like it too ;)), Paky and May!!

Victoria said...

Wow, sooo many beautiful things! You're lucky girl!:) Congrats!

Ascension said...

Enhorabuena a las dos, son unos preciosos regalos!!
besitos ascension

The Old Maid said...

Thank you Victoria and Ascension!:)

Clara said...

¡Que suerte! Cuantas cosas bonitas te han llegado y algunas ya sabes donde ponerlas. ¡Ahora a ponerlas en su sitio!
Besos Clara

Sans! said...

Ewa, lucky does not even begin to describe your good fortune. It must be the good karma you exude :). Very wonderful presents !

The Old Maid said...

Nobody is more surprised than me, Sans!;D Thank you so much!