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Aug 20, 2010

A tasty treat from Greece!

Have I ever mention that my favourite holidays are spending time on Greek islands? Probably not yet;) Being from Poland means mostly cheaper hotels ;) which is not bad because they are often leaded by a few-generation-family and watching their relationships is one of the most interesting things for me.;) Me and my travel's mate just love to walk around, visit every museum, church, shop, go by car, boat, bus wherever we can and of course take millions of photographs. I love the sun light, the colour of the sky, of the sea, the smell of thyme, or the smell of grill around the taverns or even the sounds of scooters;) And of course I love the food! I am absolutely happy when I have tzatziki, Greek salad, saganaki, souvlaki, cafe frappe and fresh orange juice on the table in front of me!:D There is something on these islands that makes me feel relaxed, no one is in a hurry, slowly doing their things, no rush. I also think I was lucky because I really have no even one bad experience there so far.:)

So what made me to write about this? A gift from very talented Anthoula! Some time ago I sent some bits and pieces I thought they might be useful for her beautifull food miniatures and a couple days ago I got this great tray full of goodies!

I love the transparency of the onion's half dials!:)

And this piece of lemon is so ... sweet!:D

Thank you so much Ahthoula for thinking of me!! I am so happy to have your great minis! I am sure I will order some Greek food from you soon.:D Thank you for your generostity!!

Jakis czas temu wysłałam parę drobiazgów do Anthouli, mając nadzieję, że będzie mogła je wykorzystać przy tworzeniu swoich miniatur żywniosciowych. Dwa dni temu dostałam w podziękowaniu tę tacę z wiktułałami:D Bardzo podoba mi się przezroczystosć tych talarków cebuli i ta cytrynka pływająca w herbatce!:D


Catherine said...

Oooooh Ahthoula's work is beautiful. I LOVE that piece of lemon in the bottom of the cup!!!

Sans! said...

You made me feel like taking a trip to Greece right now!!! :). I love Mediterranean food but have only tasted the middle eastern ones :). I always smile when I read about your gifts , Ewa. You always show such great pleasure and gratitude. :) No wonder people love to treat you to nice things :).

I saw that you won Debie Lyon's table too! Congratz my dear :).

Fiver said...

What an amazing and generous gift from Anthoula (and yes, she's very talented indeed)!! Ooooh how I would love to visit Greece someday. And Poland come to think of it. In fact, I'd pretty much love to visit anywhere in the world that isn't part of my country, lol.

May said...

Que afortunada eres de haber recibido tan precioso regalo.
La cebolla, el limón, los tomate, todo esta perfectamente hecho.
Besitos, May

The Old Maid said...

Thank you Ladies! Again all these kind words are for the one who made the gift, not for me.;)
Kristy - I wish I could visit your country too:D
Sans - thank you so much! I was absolutely surprised to read that I won it!:D

Minnie Kitchen said...

So beautiful!! not to mention so real!! i love the tomatoes~

Clara said...

¡Que estupenda bandeja con comida apetitosa!
Tienes razón en resaltar la cebolla y el limón, están perfectos.
Besos Clara

Alienora said...

Oooowiem coś o Anthoulowych smakołykach:)))) Dzisiaj zdjęcia w ogódku zrobiłam moim, mam nadzieję też się w końcu pochwalić:))) Ewa, cudeńka prawdziwe masz!!!!!

The Old Maid said...

Zosia! No toż przecież ja czekam i czekam na ten Twój swap od Anthouli!!!!Pokaż go wreszcie plizzzzz !:D

CWPoppets said...

Don't forget the greek yoghurt! There is nothing better than to sit in nicely shaded spot early morning and eat this delicious yoghurt with fruits!

Anthoulas food miniatures look delicious!

The Old Maid said...

Oh! You're right! How could I forget my absolutely fav dessert?! Yoghurt with thyme honey!!!Thank you!:D