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Mar 13, 2010

Some "silvers"

First of all a very warm WELCOME to all my new Followers! Witam wszystkich polskich Obserwatorów bardzo serdecznie! I hope you all will spend a good time here!
Next thing is a big big thank you to Zofianna for all the awards! As they almost all are in Polish I pass them to Anais for her efforts in creating her completely own dolls in 1:12 scale:)
Today I want to show you some silver stuff I decided Severus needs in his office - ok, I do not really know if he would like to have any of them in his office, but hey! that's my project, so he has nothing to say about it anyway;-) So I start with some stuff you could see in one of my former posts and I bought them in Valerie Claire Miniatures:
The balance is a bit out of scale I think but it will look ok if I put it somewhere on the shelf:)
And now the candles and candlesticks I made myself:)

And because on the photograph above I put one candlestick upside down here is how it shoul look like:

The candles are made of real candle's wax and black thread and candlesticks are of metal jewelery parts. Here is also cake stand made of metal jewelery parts and..metal button:)

You can see more metal jewelery parts on above photo too - I will use them later:)


Ascension said...

Cuantas maravillas juntas!!!!!!!!
Las velas te han quedado muy reales, enhorabuena.
besitos ascension

Debbie said...

Your candlesticks are lovely. x

Catherine said...

They are ALL wonderful. I think you did a great job.
Severus was never happy with anything. ;-)

dora said...

Que cositas tan lindas, me gusta todo, pero las velas son una monada. Felicidades.