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My on-line Work-Shop.:)
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Mar 31, 2010

Musee des Miniatures & Decors de Cinema

Maybe some of you have already seen it, maybe some of you even visited it....Lucky you, guys! I only found this website today and I still am in shock! What a fab museum! If I go to France one day that's what I MUST see! Musee des Miniatures & Decors de Cinema in Lyon (Don't need to see anything more there;))

Happy Easter Everyone!


nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Fab museum! I would love to go to that one too if only i could go to france.
Thank you for sharing!
Nikki xxx

The Old Maid said...

You are a very much welcome Nikki!:)

Merry Jingle said...

Oh, I've been to Paris many times but at that point I had no interests to miniatures - hope I get to go there at some point again.

I LOVED the butchers shop, the L'hotel Milan and the Archives, wonderful! But it's bad to look at sites like that as looking at my own minies after that - buaah, they look like crap! :D

Happy Easter,


The Old Maid said...

Ira, I have the same feelings when it comes to seeing the miniatures of this museum and my minis later!;) But yours are great! So don't worry about it!:)