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Mar 6, 2010

The perfect lamp ;)

Again something I was searching for the long time for! I wanted the desk's lamp to be similar to the one in the movie and couldn't find it! Almost lost hope completely ;)And then I found it. A perfect lamp for my project! Here it is:

I love every detail of it!

I found it at the Mountain Miniatures. I have to admit: for me the lamp WAS expencive and the shipping....even more! Good thing about it - except for being a perfect lamp of course ;) - was a really fast delivery :) Need to repaint it, I know :)


Michelle said...

It's a lovely lamp, so glad you got what you were looking for. I am assuming you can remove the shade so that you can paint it? :o) I need a lot of lights for Hogwarts, I know what I am having for most of them rooms, but not all. The budget for the lights is an entity all of its own! lol ;o)

Michelle xx

Susanne said...

Its such a perfect thing, congratulations! I look forward to follow the link and to see, what else they have got ;-)

julie campbell said...

It is a lovely lamp ! I would like one like it myself , it will be perfect for your project :0)
julie xxx

Ascension said...

Son unas lamaparas preciosas, te quedaran de maravilla!!!!
besitos ascension

claudia said...

very nice blog,Compliments and have a nice day from Tenerife

Alienora said...

Ewa, jest przepiękna!!!!

The Old Maid said...

Thank you and muchas gracias for all nice comments! Michelle I haven't try it yet but it looks like painting will be possible :)
Zosiu o lampie będzie na onecie też :)