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Apr 2, 2012

A fantastic gift from far away!

Sorry for not posting for some time. Again I had problems with my laptop and the access to internet. Anyway everything seems to be working now so I wanted to share my joy with you.:) More or less a week ago I got a fantastic gift from a very talented Lady from far far away. Just look at these treasures!
I guess you know by now who was sooo generous for me? Yes! Dear Flor of Flor & FF blog! Just look at this tiled rabbit!! Isn't he sweet? And this pretty blue box? Beautiful!
And guess who was most happy about the crown?
Yup! P'Nilli! I have this feeling growing stronger and stronger that she is at least Gnome Princess! Querida Flor! Once again muchisimas gracias por your generous heart and great gifts which I will treasure always!
Trochę mnie tu nie było. Znów popsuł mi się laptop i do tego wejście do internetu zaszwankowało również! Na szczęście chyba już wszystko jest w porządku i mogę się w końcu z Wami podzielić radością z otrzymanych prezentów z bardzo, bardzo daleka.:)Tą szczodrą osobą jest multiutalentowana Flor z Meksyku!. Kafelkowy królik w sam raz na święta i urocze otwierane pudełeczko. No i chyba od razu wiadomo kto najbardziej ucieszył się z korony...;D Dziekuję Flor!


rosanna said...

Hi Ewa, lovely gifts but I am waiting reports on your travelling :o)
I wish you a lovely evening, Rosanna

Fabiola said...

Beautiful gifts.
bye Faby

contar said...

felicidades son unas cosas preciosas.
un abrazo

Congratulations are some beautiful things.
a hug

Plushpussycat said...

It's so nice to have you back, Ewa! Congratulations on your lovely gifts from Flor! P'Nilli looks very happy! :-) Jennifer

The Old Maid said...

Rosanna! I wanted to post about it NOW but I promised Sans! I won't publish her photos without O.K. from her. LOL!
So please a bit of patience!;D

The Old Maid said...

Thank you, Faby! So they are!

The Old Maid said...

Thank yopu so much Contar!

The Old Maid said...

So she does, Jennifer! Thank you! And I am so happy to be back here too!

Ascension said...

Ewa, enhorabuena por esos preciosos regalos, Flor es una verdadera artista.
besitos ascension

The Old Maid said...

Muchisimas gracias Ascension! So she is!

Maria Ireland said...

Congratulations on your beautiful gifts. The tiled rabbit is wonderful. The crown suits P'Nilli perfect.
Hugs Maria

Drora's minimundo said...

Beautiful gifts from a lovely and very generous lady.
Flor's work is precious. Treasures to cherish.

Cote said...

Felicidades por esos precioso regalos!!

The Old Maid said...

Thank you Maria! Yes, P'Nilli is really happy about spoiling her with the crown.:)

The Old Maid said...

You are so right, Drora! Thank you!

The Old Maid said...

Muchisimas gracias Cote!

malu2 said...

Fantastico regalo,Flor hace maravillas.
Besos de las Malu´s.

BiWuBär said...

It's so good to have you back in blogland - I'll keep my fingers crossed your laptop is back to working normal again! Congratulations on these lovely gifts from Flor - her work is simply outstanding. I'm not surprised P'Nilli put her little hands on the crown immediately... she may be a real princess or not, but with that piece on her pretty head and living with you she can feel like a princess every single day... ;O)


The Old Maid said...

Muchas gracias Malu!

The Old Maid said...

Thank you Brigit! And yesss! It is good to be back! Hope to do a post about Sans trip today evening as she didn't say I can't post anything, LOL!

Eliana said...

What a beautiful gift!

Eva said...

Flor's work is stunning!! I love her rustic furniture and all she does. You are very lucky.
Thank you for your beautiful mail ☺ YES! we are now closer and I like it very much!!!

The Old Maid said...

Thank you Eliana! So it is!Hugs

The Old Maid said...

Yeeeees me too Eva!!!!:D

CARMEN (Hadanet) said...

Felicidades por tan bonitos regalos!!!!

The Old Maid said...

Muchas gracias Carmen!

Magdalena said...

Piękne rzeczy robisz, jak jak Ci zazdroszczę talentu! :) Będę tu zaglądać często! :)

The Old Maid said...

Dzięki! Witaj na blogu!:)