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Feb 16, 2013

I think she's finally finished completely..Chyba jest już całkiem gotowa...

I think so. Well, I hope so anyway. For now I am quite pleased with all the changes so maybe this is her final look.;)

As you may remember sometime ago I decided to change her make-up . While doing that I completely destroyed her flower hair decoration. Truth is these tiny dry real flowers had no stems at all and just one not careful touch made them falling apart... I left the doll with her "broken" flowers for sometime but I was still thinking of Sans comment about dry flowers..;) I looked through my stash and found out I still had a few of these whole flowers left. I didn't want them to fall apart again so I thought about a fabric band with the flowers on.

Thinking they would last longer as full flowers I used  bit of clear nail polish. But except for giving them a look of fake flowers I didn't make them stronger. At one moment the doll decided to collapse and a few petals were gone...good I had a few more in a box.

 When I was gluing the petals again I thought the band had too big gaps between flowers. So I added two of very delicate dry plant's parts - twigs maybe? At the beginning I added two - one on each side but then I got carried away and this is why you see so many of the twigs among flowers.;)

 I had to change her bouquet as the pink roses didn't match the flowers in her hair. The dress is just at it was more than two years ago. I only added a veil to it.:)

Let me also thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the comments to my last post! They made me feel better and wanting to re-build Snape's Office one day.:) Thank you so much!

Chyba ją całkiem już skończyłam. Po zmianie makijażu, przy którym zniszczyłam jej ozdoby we włosach, postanowiłam naprawić szkody. Na szczęście znalazłam jeszcze takie same kwiatki i tym razem zrobiłam jej opaskę we włosach a do niej przykleiłam kwiatki. Szczerze pisząc nie na wiele to się zdało, bo gdy mi się panna przewróciła i z nowych kwiatków odpadło parę płatków.:( Dobrze, że jeszcze miałam parę w zapasie. Suche "gałązki" zapełniły przerwy pomiędzy kwiatkami. Dodałam też welon i zmieniłam bukiet na bardziej pasujący do kwiatów we włosach


debbie's mini thoughts and creations said...

she looks lovely, I really like the flowers and twigs in her hair band, and the bouquet of flowers look good to,

Anne said...

So beautiful!

Plushpussycat said...

What a beautiful doll, Ewa. You are so talented! Great photographs too. xo Jennifer

BiWuBär said...

Great job, she looks even better now - who would ever thought this might be possible? ;O) I like your flower work very much, especially in her hair it looks like she's wearing a flower crown.


Margaret said...

Ewa she is just beautiful and the headware is very well done. I missed your previous post, what a disaster, I am glad you feel ready to rebuild, it is a treasure.

Sans! said...

Ewalina, did you make that wedding dress? It's FABULOUS! I have always love brides with flowers in their hair more. I really think she is GORGEOUS! the colours you pick are autumn colours , my favourite season. In real life, many brides may not wear twigs in their hair but I am thinking, why not? after looking at your doll. There is an earthy, magical feel to this look, like a fairy or elven princess.

Everyday I stare at the dried flowers I use for teh abandoned house. With the right ones, they don't seem to wilt. My tribal house ones are still doing great although with sea lavender, you will have to touch up the colours with acrylic once in a while.

Ilona said...

Ewa, the flowers look so good now, beautiful colors! The bridal bouquet suits well at the flowers in her hair.
The dress is really gorgeous and her make up is awesome: I can't do something like that, very clever of you.
Warm hugs, Ilona

Daydreamer said...

Oh, Ewa... she's Lovely! She reminds me of the hair wreath of flowers I wore at my Wedding to my first husband! Real flowers are so fragile.... I think we all wish they would last forever! One of these days I will try to master the tiny flower-making... I have Dreams for my landscapes around The Folly...!

17-17 said...

Ewo, pięknie Ci wyszła i suknia (uwielbiam tren z falbanek i kokardę!)i laleczka (pięknie ją pomalowałaś) A najbardziej podoba mi się jej uczesanie z wiankiem i bukiet, wybrałaś bardzo ładne kolory.

Wyrna Christensen said...

Beautiful flowers crown and very beautiful colors you've chosen. Bridal bouquet and flower crown fits nicely together.


Fabiola said...

She's wonderful!
Bye Faby

Maria Ireland said...

Ewa she is very beautiful. I love her flowers and her dress. The headdress is amazing wonderful idea with the twigs. Congratulations on this wonderful bride.
Hugs Maria

Ascension said...

Ewa, la has dejado preciosa.
Una buena idea poner las flores en una banda de tela, seguro que duraran mas.
El ramo lo has dejado fantastico y a conjunto con las flores del pelo.
El velo queda genia.
Una maravillosa muñeca y un fantastico trabajo.
.....por cierto estoy segura que volveras a reconstruir la oficina de Snape y te quedara fantastica, me encanto y me encantara.
besitos ascension

b.b.flockling * Rose said...

Ewa, you are talented in so many areas...I can hardly believe the tiny details you have attennded to for your bride!
...and so sorry about the accident...
I have a sad/happy story for you. When I made the first Jemima doll figure (which took forever), my youngest daughter loved her so much she snuck into the Doll Room in the night and decided to play with her. She must have bent both legs in circles or something because they broke...and then she hid the doll. I was sick when I found Jemima the next morning...but my daughter felt so bad, I could not be very angry. So, after drinking a pot of coffee and saying a silent prayer, I began a new body. And wouldn't you know, it turned out far better! Much more whimsical than the first which suited Jemima's personality just right. So, I always like to keep my rosie glasses I believe something even better will be coming along for you too!!
Now, I must look again at this glowing bride you have, Rose

Drora's minimundo said...

All I wanted to say was said before me. I love your exquisite bride, flowers, dress, veil, headdress....!
Hugs, Drora