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Mar 25, 2011

Paper works

Due to my tasks at work I travel a lot and have no time for miniatures lately. Hope to do anything this weekend but I thought that since I travel and not forget to take my camera with me I will show you photos of my beautiful country.
Don't know if you don't get bored fast.... but I was thinking about it for a long time.
Today I managed to visit my city's museum to see the exhibition of historical gowns and dresses prepared by Sabina Czupryńska and made of...wrapping paper. The photos behind the gowns are to show that they are wearable. The author of the photos is Damian Kramski. The title of the exhibition: " The dress adorns, seduces, ties..."
Hope you will like it.

W związku ze zmianami w mojej pracy ostatnio dużo podróżuję i nie bardzo mam czas na moje ulubione hobby. Ponieważ jednak w podróże zabieram aparat postanowiłam podzielić się z Wami fotkami z pięknej Polski. Mam nadzieję że się szybko nie znudzicie, ale o wstawianiu tu zdjęć z naszego kraju myslałam już dłuższy czas. Dzis udało mi się zwiedzić aktualną wystawę w Muzeum Miasta Gdyni. Wystawa przedstawia historyczne suknie, zaprojektowane przez Sabinę Czupryńską a wykonane z....papieru pakowego i brązowej tasmy klejącej. Zdjęcia wiszące za sukniami, autorstwa Damiana Kramskiego, pokazują, że suknie nadają się również do ubrania. Tytuł wystawy "Suknia zdobi, kusi, sznuruje..."


Jollie said...

Wauw what a extraordenary artwork! and wearable too, very beautiful!
Thanks for sharing, you've made some very pretty photos :)

Hugs, Jollie

CWPoppets said...

Very interesting. Thank you!

Glenda said...

Yes, please!!! I'd love to see your photos of Poland and art and everything that interests you!!
These costumes are fascinating - it makes me wonder what else could be made in paper - dollhouses? :)
xxx Glenda

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

How interesting, the dresses are actually pretty. I would stay away from the stove when wearing heehee. I hope you are able to fit in some mini time this weekend :)

Victoria ❤

Michelle said...

Fascinating, though I bet they are noisy to walk in not to mention uncomfortable! As Victoria says,staying away from fires and the like is essential! lol

I hope you get a chance to do some mini work soon!
Michelle xxx

Janice said...

A very interesting and beautiful set of photographs. More please!!

Ascension said...

Ewa gracias por esas preciosas fotografias.
Parece mentira que sean de papel, son preciosos.
Aunque yo no me los podria poner, seguro que me pegaba fuego fumando jejeje
Feliz fin de semana
besitos ascension

BiWuBär said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of this very interesting exhibition. Unbelievable that these gowns are wearable - hmmmm, probably only if the sun is shining. I don't consider them to be a good choice when it's raining (LOL). Glenda's question made me think about something, maybe you didn't heard of it... Steiff used to make some teddy bears out of paper, they made a collector's replica last year. Unbelievable, isn't it? But paper is really a medium with many opportunities...

Have a nice weekend!

Lainie said...

Oh My! They are all so exquisite! But I definitely agree with Victoria, Mama's not cookin' tonight!
Thanks for sharing! I would love to see more of your beautiful country's treasures!

Daydreamer said...

Hi Ewa! The dresses remind me of when I was making the clothes for my angels and other figures of my paper-mache Nativity! I cut the shapes from paper much the same as for cloth and drenched them in sizing to make them wrinkle and flow like cloth! I would not want to try to wear one! These are very detailed and interesting! I love the history of costume!

Heather said...

These are stunning! Lucky to have this near your home.

Thank you for sharing.

Carol said...

These dresses are amazing. I wonder what they would feel like when they are worn on your skin.... Thank you for sharing!

KC-Design said...

Gosh, what wonderful dresses!!!
Thanks for sharing the pictures.


Marie75 said...

That is really amazing ! I love those ephemeral beauties.

María José- islabcn said...

Acabo de conocer tu blog. Es fantástico. Hay trabajos espectaculares. También fantásticos los vestidos de papel del museo. Me recuerdan cuando yo aprendí a coser. Empecé con vestidos de papel para niña. Hace muchos años!!! Muchos besos

Josje said...

Gorgeous! This could well be an inspiration for miniature work, as paper is such a wonderful material to work with!

Sans! said...

Ewa, 1stly, I will never be bored looking at pictures of your country, your art and your culture. Like Glenda says, what interest you will likely interest us :).

These paper dresses are really quite wonderful! Remember the good old days when tailors 1st use brown paper to make a sample of their patterns? I wonder if people have stopped doing that?

b.b.flockling * Rose said...

A good reminder to look more closely at the materials around us in our daily inspiration for our art! Thank you for sharing your museum visit with us Ewa!