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Mar 27, 2011

A bit of Gdynia

The first notes about my city come from XIII century when the first church - which is also the oldest Gdynia's monument - was built here. Still till XX century Gdynia was just a village. It's biggest and fastest developement as the city dates from 1926 when my reborned country dreamed about it's own sea harbour. The 20s of XX century were also the time of Art Deco style in art and architecture and so instead of many fancy buildings my city has a lot of this style of art to show. Here are a few photos I took while visiting my hometown's museum that show the Art Deco's and the 20s style. Hope you will like it... and maybe even get inspired?;)

Trochę fotek z Muzeum Miasta Gdyni. Mam nadzieję, że się Wam spodobają. A może nawet zainspirują?;)


Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

The bathing suits and hats are Awesome :)

Victoria ❤

BiWuBär said...

Isn't it great to have a little peek into the lives and living of former times? Very interesting - thank you for taking us with you... ;O)


Glenda said...

An elegant, charming era!!

Love those swimming costumes! - I remember when I was young, the old people sometimes wore these, and they were made of wool. When they got wet they drooped around the knees! Not a good look, haha :)
Thankyou for sharing these pics, Ewa :D
xxx Glenda

Arestrea said...

Świetne zdjęcia. Póki co nie mam możliwości zwiedzenia gdyńskiego muzeum, ale dzięki Tobie mam chociaż przedsmak tego, co się w nim znajduje:)


Ascension said...

Unas preciosas fotografias para poder inspirarse.
besitos ascension

Jollie said...

Very beautiful and inspiring too!
Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos :)

Hugs Jollie

Sans! said...

You know those swimming costumes? I bet you they will come back in fashion again :). Anyhoo, the boys here don't wear trunks anymore. They just wear bermudas.

I can't help thinking those pictures you took look like miniature rooms :). Don't they give you the same feeling ? Like looking into a glass case roombox? I think its the glass :) Very very useful reference material Ewa .