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Mar 6, 2015

New chairs straight from my workshop. Nowe krzesła prosto z mojej pracowni.

The longer I work on miniatures the more I am convinced I love working on vintage models of furniture but the less I like to work on modern pieces....

Still there is always someone who asks me to work on modern miniatures - to be honest in slowly growing Polish world of miniatures and dollshouses, modern miniatures are much more popular or even trendy than "old" ones. In fact in our FB group there are maybe 2 people who are currently working on vintage period interiors while the rest who post their works there, work only on modern ones.
After being on blogland for 4 or 5 years it is quite a phenomenon for me. Not that I have something against it but as a fan of vintage period interiors in miniature, I find it interesting.

Back to the topic: I was asked by a friend to make these chairs. They look quite simple and so it was work in wood for them but the fabric covering was completely different thing....
To be honest my friend said she loved them but I...... well, let's say I told her to throw them away with no regrets if she wouldn't like them....

I still "fight" with fabric no matter what I try to do and how patient I am trying to be.  So my admiration for all of you who can make the fabric look pretty and neat still grows. :)

Anyway I hope you will like them. Not sure if I want to repeat making them again, though.


Nowoczesne krzesła z mojej pracowni powstały na zamówienie.

Przyznaję, że pomimo tego, że osoba zamawiająca jest z nich bardzo zadowolona, ja wciąż nie jestem pewna efektu. Choć sama drewniana konstrukcja jest bardzo prosta, to praca z obiciem tych krzeseł dała mi mocno w kość.

Mam nadzieję, że mimo to krzesła spodobają się Wam .


Plushpussycat said...

Your photo of the chairs looks like it's out of a glamorous home decor magazine! Very nice work! xo Jennifer

Pepper Mitcheson said...

I like the shape of these chairs. They're quite classical with a modern twist. I have to say I'm happy to see both modern and traditional miniatures even though I only collect modern =0)

Ilona said...

Dear Ewa, I think your chairs look wonderful, because upholstering of a modern chair goes different than the old style :)! The old style furniture has padded seats and back seats in an other way, the fabric has to be fastened very tight to form the chair. But maybe for more modern chairs the fabric can be padded more loose....? (it's rather difficult for me to explain this for you in correct English, so I do hope that you'll understand what I mean to say to you?) At least that is what my daughter told me after I asked her about her chairs. Her furniture, at least her dining room chairs, look like the chairs you've made.
So, I think that these chairs are wonderful :D!
Wishing you a nice weekend. Warm hug, Ilona

Daydreamer said...

Dear Ewa, your chairs are Beautiful! And bravo to you for giving them a try! I think white fabric is the most difficult and "unforgiving" style there is! It shows every little wrinkle and spot of glue! Give me patterned fabric and all is well! But even then, I am still "Daydreaming" about all the furniture I am going to make "Someday"! While you are working at it and learning new skills with every piece! I truly admire your work and your courage to take on new commissions! These chairs do look just like the ones in the furniture magazines! But I am like you, I prefer the old fashioned styles to the modern ones!

Steinworks said...

Honey what are you talking about those chairs are wonderful, I wish you would make some for me I would keep them forever :)


Drora's minimundo said...

I do like these chairs. I can see how
difficult it was to upholster them but the results are well worth the hard work.
Hugs, Drora

BiWuBär said...

Really, with all the neutrality a close blogfriend can have: Those chairs are beautiful!!! I would cherish them forever and I'm convinced your friend will do it, too! You're so talented... and what I admire the most: You're just doing it - and in the end you have something wonderful.


aszeko said...

Mnie się podobają :)

The grandmommy said...

I agree with your client! I think they are wonderful so much so I thought they were 1:1 when I first saw them!

Giac said...

Hello Ewa,
I think you did a terrific job! they look beautiful. I also have a hard time with upholstery...don't really enjoy it to tell the truth...but yours look great. Well done.
Big hug,

Maria Ireland said...

Your chairs are fantastic. Your work is always amazing I am sure your friend will love these chairs forever I know I would.
Hugs Maria

Christel said...

Dear Ewa, I think the chairs are wonderful! I could not begin to make the tufts in the backs, and have them look so perfect. You are too hard on yourself dear one. Everything you create is a tiny replica, and always looks wonderful. I'm sure your collector is thrilled with them. Xoxo Christel