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Jun 8, 2013

OMGooodness!!!! O Rany!!!

A week ago I was one of the very lucky winners in Ascension's Give-Away and yesterday I received a small package from Spain.

The box might have been small one but the inside was the richest of all! See yourself what I've received together with my win!

I am starting from most charming Holy Family I have ever seen!

And here is a baby face. Isn't it the cutest? :):)

As we are "by Christmas" ;) here are sweet winter miniatures. Can you see the little fuses?

I have been always admiring little tea pots  Ascension makes and now I have my own collection!

Oh yes! Let's not forget what I won! ;) Fantastic magical minis!

And last but not least: something I have been loving since Ascension made her fist one... little Duende just for me!!!!!!

But you see I've been lucky enough to get not one of the Duendes but... three!!!!

Aren's they most special, charming, fantastic little Duendes you could ever seen??

Dear Ascension, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity! I am so so happy and proud to have your fantastic miniatures home!

Querida Ascensión, gracias de todo corazón por su generosidad! Estoy muy contenta y orgullosa de que su gran minis viven ahora conmigo!


Jakiś tydzień temu okazało się, że jestem jedną ze zwyciężczyń rozdawajki u Ascension, a wczoraj odebrałam przesyłkę z Hiszpanii. 

Małe pudełeczko mieściło w sobie niezwykle bogatą zawartość. Oprócz wygranej znalazły się tam miniatury, które od jakiegoś czasu możemy podziwiać na blogu Ascension: uroczą Świętą Rodzinę, świece, czajniczki o niezwykłych kształtach, moja magiczna wygrana i coś w czym się zakochałam gdy Ascension pokazała je po raz pierwszy na swoim blogu: maleńki Duszek, tylko, że ja dostałam je aż trzy! 

Sami przyznajcie, że miniatur Ascension są nie tylko magiczne, ale i przeurocze.:) Cieszę się, że będą teraz mieszkać u mnie.:)


Drora's minimundo said...

Wow! If this isn't one of the luckiest wins! Ascension's work is incredible. Very original art.
These are treasures to cherish.
Enjoy, you deserved to win.
Hugs, Drora

BiWuBär said...

That's Ascension as we all know and love her - full of talent... full of heart and full of generosity! She spoiled you rotten - but you deserve being spoiled. Enjoy all your fantastic treasures made by this outstanding talented lady. But excuse me, I have to disagree in one point - your three duendes are gorgeous... but the most wonderful of all are mine... (LOL). But let's not argue about that, okay? *grin*


Maria Ireland said...

Wow I love your win. How generous Ascension is. She makes the most gorgeous items. Enjoy all your very precious gifts.
Hugs Maria

afairytalecometruewyrna said...

Congratulations on all your many and lovely gifts from Ascension. She has really spoiled you. So many gifts and so many different gifts and all with a clear hand of Ascension.

PILAR6373 said...

Disfruta de esos tesoros que Ascensión crea con sus maravillosas manos!!!!

Ilona said...

Hi Ewa, congratulations on your win!! Ascension has spoiled you rotten, I agree with Birgit ;)!! You've received so many beautiful artworks of her, yes, she is very generous woman!! Enjoy your new goodies, Ewa, you deserve it all!
Warm hugs, Ilona

Fabiola said...

You won many wonderful gifts. Ascension is a very talented miniaturist. You're very lucky!
Greetings, Faby

Pippibär said...

Wow! What a fantastic price! I´m sure youé over the moon for winning this special giveaway. Congrats for winnig it!
Hugs Melli

Giac said...

Hello Ewa,
What a beautiful prize. Ascension is an incredible artist! enjoy those beautiful treasures.
Big hug,

Steinworks said...

congratulations on your win and I agree Ascension makes the best teapots

Marisa :)

Plushpussycat said...

Congratulations!!! What special gifts and prizes from a a very special and generous person. Enjoy all of your wonderful treasures, Ewa! xo Jennifer

Ascension said...

Hola tesoro
Que bien que hayas recibido el paquete y haya llegado bien.
Estoy feliz de que te guste, te mereces cada uno de los detallitos.
Eres un cielo de persona.
besitos ascension

Unknown said...

Urocze w rzeczy samej:)Te Duszki są niesamowite a i Święta Rodzina majstersztyk hihi. Gratuluję serdecznie <3

Louisette retriever said...

Lovely creations

Daydreamer said...

Lucky you Ewa!!! Such a wonderful assortment of tiny treasures! I Love the teapots and the Holy Family and the Dwarfs are the cutest ones Imaginable!!!

Sans! said...

So they are called Duende? Teehee, I just always tell Ascension, I want your old elves! LOVE THEM TOO!!! Birgit, let me tell you, her best are with me ! mwahahaah :)

I was just thinking your parents will love the Holy family , won't they ? :):)

3 cheers for Ascension!