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Oct 26, 2014

More Old than New. ;) Więcej "starych " niż nowych. ;)

It's been quite a long silence, please forgive me.  I was reading your posts and leaving comments but somehow I again neglected this blog a bit.

So today a kind of summary of what was made in my workshop during  this time. You will see there are more "old" - well known to you- pieces than new. :)

I sold my rainbow coffee tables and made two new ones.

This time they are a bit bigger and wider.

Then there was a second high chair. This time my customer sent me a doll to make it right for her/him, so I played a bit as I finished it. ;)

And another embroidery stand number 1, so I decided to make an option in my Etsy shop for anyone that would like to order it.

 I finally found the time to make all 5 doll kits that arrived to me last and this year. Unfortunately I have to sell them, that's just life...

Then I'd got an order for my telephone side table.

Oh, by the way I've learnt that original, RL side table was made by Chippendale - not really sure if this is true, but that's what I found out about it. ;)

So this is what was happening in my workshop lately. Hope you like them all. :)

 Znowu mam obsuwę w publikowaniu postów, na swoje usprawiedliwienie mogę tylko powiedzieć, że Wasze blogi czytam na bieżąco. :) Dziś więc takie małe zestawienie tego, co powstało w czasie gdy milczałam na blogu.

Sprzedałam moje tęczowe stoliki, więc w ich miejsce powstały dwa kolejne, nieco wyższe i z większymi blatami.

Następnie powstało kolejne wysokie krzesełko, tym razem klientka wypożyczyła mi lalkę, żeby pasowała idealnie do krzesełka(lub odwrotnie), więc mogłam trochę się nimi pobawić. ;)

Później pojawił się kolejny stolik do haftu nr 1, zdecydowałam więc wstawić opcję zamówienia go  w moim SKLEPIE .

W końcu znalazłam czas, żeby poskładać 5 zestawów lalek, które otrzymałam w tym i zeszłym roku.

A potem pojawiło się zamówienie na mój stolik pod telefon.

No i to już na razie wszystko z mojej pracowni. Mam nadzieję, że się Wam podoba. :)


Plushpussycat said...

Lovely projects, Ewa! The dolls are so beautiful! It must be difficult to sell them. xo Jennifer

BiWuBär said...

You've been really busy... and all of your pieces are stunning!


Maria Ireland said...

Wonderful items. Your dolls are beautiful. I love the tables.
Hugs Maria

Giac said...

Hello Ewa,
You have been busy. Every miniature and doll you posted a picture of are fantastic. you are such a great talent in miniature. It is always a pleasure to see what you have been up to.
big hug,

Daydreamer said...

Wow, Ewa! You really have been busy!!! Must be why you have no time for blogging.... but I really hope you will not give up on blogging... I never have time to get to facebook so I am always eager to see what you are doing here! Your stone tables are Gorgeous! And I am not surprised you have so many commissions.... your work is beautiful and very original! (I am glad to see you were able to play with the baby chair.... it looks so cute "in use"!!) I would love to see more pictures of your dressed ladies.... but only if you have time, of course! I am always eager to see what you are making!

elis said...

Wonderful items.

Sans! said...

I am so so so happy to hear that you have been busy, SS! It is slow but surely ye? :)

I have been thinking a lot of you lately. Must confessed it is really about all the things you have made like the table base. Must visit your shop soon!

Christel said...

Dear Ewa, I love those coffee tables! Your embroidery stand looks SO real! I also love the telephone stand/seat. I remember having one at grandmas house when we were young children. Funny how old is new again, and we love it all over again! Your work is truly amazing, always a delight to see what you have created!I too have been neglecting blogging, but as colder weather arrives, I will be spending more time in the home, and hopefully not neglecting my blog friends! Thank you so much for your visit last week, in seeing my dollhouse miniature kids. I have listed a Scarecrow today, and am very proud of him, if you are a Wizard of Oz fan, please come see! xoxo Fairy Blessings, Christel

Drora's minimundo said...

Dear Ewa,
Your cut semi-precious stone tables are gorgeous. What a great idea.
I love all your beautiful work. No wonder you have so many commissions to keep you busy.
Hugs, Drora

Hannah said...

I love your tables!! And the dolls looks great too!