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Feb 6, 2010

Close up of my books

A big thank you for my first Followers! I never thought I will have even one! Welcome!:)
I've made better picture of my books with paper pages, so here it is:

At first I thought there are enough books for Severus' office, after all there shoud be a lot of jars in it, but I have just found great jewellery to make some more interesting covers. Nail metal jewellery that is. I really don't know if I would like to have something like that on my own nails, but there is something in saying you never know where you can find anything useful for miniatures ;) I will show you it as soon as my order will finally come to me. Our post office is really working soooo sloooow...


Michelle's Mad World said...

Have you considered using scrapbooking items too? You can get loads of mini items in that kind of craftwork, I would imagine that you can get them in Poland.
Michelle xxxx

The Old Maid said...

Michelle, thank you for the idea! I am looking for miniature items everywhere I can ;)