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Feb 27, 2010

Bottles and jars

First of all a very warm WELCOME to all of my new Followers! I am so happy such talented people follow my modest blog! Welcome! Hope you will all have "sunny hours" watching it;)
Secondly I have to admit I need some free time from my work to get properly started with this project and I hope I will have a short holidays in March. Then I will post more often - I promise! :)
And today a few words of bottles and jars - I need them really in "rather" big number and since now I've collected some ;)
Here I go:

These are the first bottles and the jar I have got in my "collection". The green round bottle is a perfume one I have got for years now - I never knew what perfume was inside because when I got it the perfume with it's fragrance was already gone ;)The jar is from some medicine and I do not remember where the red jelly is from but it looks so nice inside ;)

The jars and perfume bottles on the left are from Cotton Ridge Designs, small and the smallest "bottles" on the right are beads remade to pretend real bottles ;)

This great stuff above is from Valerie Claire Miniatures and so are the labels:

And here is the first lot of fullfilled and labeled bottles and jars ready to put them on the shelfs (that are not existing yet ;)


Michelle's Mad World said...

Your bottles etc are fabulous and I've not seen that online shop before! It's based in the UK too! lol Great to see your collection so far! ;o) Finding time for mini's is we all understand. :o)

Michelle xx

Debbie said...

Lovely lot of Jars and Bottles, I bet you can't wait to display them..

Kaleidoskopic Romance said...

What a beautiful collection! I want one as well!

There is an award for you at my blog :)

Jean Day said...

What a wonderful display, I love the colours.

Ana said...

What a precious collection of jars you have, they are lovely,