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Jul 18, 2014

A daybed. Leżanka.

I saw this kind of bed in many magazines, books and on internet.

I even saw it in 1/12 scale and asked a blogger where she got it from because I knew she didn't make it herself , but you know, some people jealously guard their sources of miniatures. ;) 

That actually wasn't that bad because it forced me to try to make French provincial style bed myself. I decided to make a bit narrower one first and after a lot of thinking and work the daybed was born.

It was quite a fun to carve legs and sides.

The biggest problem was to choose fabric print but finally I chose floral one.

It is actually my very first bed made by me and I hope you will like it.:)


Widziałam taki rodzaj łóżka wielokrotnie w magazynach, książkach oraz oczywiście w internecie.

Nawet widziałam je już w skali 1:12 i zapytałam blogerkę skąd ma takie łóżko, ale okazało się, że niektórzy zazdrośnie strzegą informacji skąd pochodzą ich miniatury. ;)

Ta sytuacja okazała się nie być taka zła, bo zmusiła mnie do spróbowania zbudowania łóżka we francuskim stylu prowincjonalnym. Na pierwszy raz zdecydowałam się na węższe pojedyncze łóżko i tak po wielu przemyśleniach i przeliczeniach powstała ta leżanka.

Całkiem nieźle rzeźbiło mi się nogi.

Ale wybór materiału do obić i poduszek nastręczył mi całkiem sporo kłopotu.

Tak właściwie to jest to pierwsze łóżko jakie zrobiłam i mam nadzieję, że się Wam spodoba. :)


Daydreamer said...

AAAAHH, Ewa!!!! It is Awesome!!!! I LOVE this bed! It looks like it is a real antique!!! You have done such a fantastic job with the carving and the print fabric is just Beautiful!!! I am So impressed! (I know, I shouldn't be by now.... you are officially an Amazing Miniaturist!!!) This bed is Gorgeous!!!

Merja said...

Ooooh! Your bed is absolutely beautiful! Your work is so perfect.

Natalie Wilson said...

Gorgeous :0)

Ilona said...

Like it...??? This is awesome work, Ewa!! Look at the nice carving on the legs, oh yes, this bed is an absolute beauty. I think one of your wonderful dolls could lie on this bed for a whole day ;0! It looks so comfy and I also LOVE the bedding! Great work!
Have a nice weekend/week! Hugs, Ilona

Vivian Fox said...

Oh, your bed is just gorgeous. You would really think it is real size. The fabric you chose are ideal for it and it's hard to believe this is your first bed, but you are a very talented miniaturist. Beautiful.
All the best

Drora's minimundo said...

I love it! Not only the bed itself which is gorgeous but also the bedding. It simply invites you to take a daytime rest.
Hugs, Drora

Pepper said...

I'm with Drora. Not only is it a beautiful bed but the bedding is gorgeous. The cushions go so well with the fabric you chose =0)

Mini Addictions said...

Wow, beautiful work, Ewa. I love the bedding too. It is so inviting. You did a great job. I would love one in real life ;-)

BiWuBär said...

Whoever this not so helpful blogger was - I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for being so selfish! She made you try to build this yourself - and how you built it!!! It's fantastic, awesome, stunning, awesome, gorgeous, awesome, breathtaking... eh... did I mention awesome? Wonderful work and perfect match with the fabrics you've chosen. Oh, how I envy you that you're able to build all of these treasures on your own. You're really one talented lady!


Plushpussycat said...

It's gorgeous, Ewa! It looks so realistic and beautiful. The bedding, including the sheer ruffle, look amazing! You're a world-class miniature furniture designer and builder. I feel proud to know you. :-) xo Jennifer

Maria Ireland said...

Wow I love your daybed it is gorgeous. I love the fabric and bedding is beautiful. Stunning work.
Hugs Maria

De said...

It's beautiful!

John said...

What a pretty daybed you conjured up, Ewa. Perfect for a summertime nap. XOXO John

Sans! said...

Like like like! And LOVE! You are such a master now my dear, those carvings are testaments to the beautiful craftsmanship!

If I can have a dollar for every time I say you are going to be a true master and then double the money when you prove me right, I will have dollars coming out of my ears ! :)

Be sure to ask me where I get my minis from and I will remember NOT to tell you...teehee

Giac said...

Hello Ewa.
I am glad you made it yourself because it is perfection. the finish is very elegant, the upholstery is beautiful. So wonderfully and precisely made.
Big hug,

Unknown said...

Jest cudowne, a ty genialna :))) <3 Gratuluję pomysłu i wykonania. Potrzeba matką wynalazku, jak mawiają:)Oby więcej takich leżanek powstało. Pozdrawiam:*

Pippibär said...

It looks so cozy that I am longing to cuddle in there. But I'm afraid I'm too tall ... and especially heavy for it! ;-)

Maria Blanca "AyamontinoMaria" said...

Your bed is absolutely beautiful! Your work is perfect, the finish is elegant and the upholstery is beautiful.Great job! Hugs