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Sep 30, 2011

Hey, hey, here it is : A Give-Away!!!!!:)

To celebrate you, my 350 Followers and Friends, all the coloured leaves falling from the trees, wonderful sunny weather and the loss of my job(after 20 years of hard work) I have prepared my first (and most probably the only;))give-away! For a long time I was thinking about it but I wasn't sure if I was able to make something that could look nice and be interesting to you.;) Finally here it is and I really hope you will like it.:)

All you have to do is to be the Follower of this modest blog and of course write a comment under this post. Give-away is open till October 15th. Good luck!

Mój pierwszy give-away, żeby okazać wdzięcznosć Wam, Obserwatorom, radosć tytułem pięknej pogody i uczcić stratę pracy. Wszystko co musicie zrobić, żeby wziąć w nim udział, to być Obserwatorem tego bloga i napisać(cos miłego;))w komentarzach.Give-away trwa do 15tego Października. Powodzenia


Miniatures by Natalia said...

I am sorry to hear you lost your job, but don't be frustrated: everything what is done, done for a reason. May be it will be a new turn in your life, the one (the best one) you have been waiting for a long time. I wish you all the best!

Michelle said...

Awww Ewa, I'm so sorry to hear about your job, I do hope so much that you find another very soon if you haven't already.

Your giveaway is so sweet and so perfect for this superb weather (it's very hot and sunny here too in the UK!).

Hugs to you,
Michelle xxxx

carmen said...

el regalo es encantador y tú muy generosa, en tu situación de pérdida de trabajo
cuenta conmigo, por favor y hago votos para que las cosas mejoren....
lo anuncio en mi blog, que también está de sorteo....

cockerina said...

dear friend, I am very sorry, read that you lost your job! after 20 years is really a frustration ... unfortunately this is happening in many places in the world, and I wish for you that you can live the most of your free time. Good luck to you!

I love your coffee table! thank you for this opportunity, you'll see other stimuli, to make more to give away:))
I put the link on my blog, thanks!

Margriet said...

Sorry to hear about your job! It must be really hard to loose it after 20 years hard work!!!
Your give-away is beautiful, so please count me in :-)

Patty said...

I would love to participate in your wonderful giveaway!

So sorry about the loss of your job. I went through the same thing. 20 years and the company moved out of town. The best thing is I became a doll maker after that. I am sure something good will come of this transition in your life!! It will be better than before! Keep smiling!

1717mk said...

Rozumiem Twoje rozgoryczenie, ale z czasem może się okazać, że znajdziesz nową drogę, zajęcie, w w którym będziesz się w pełni realizować. Wiem to z własnego doświadczenia, też miałam pracę, w której dawałam z siebie wszystko, i spotkało mnie to samo. Jednak dzięki temu, zajęłam się szyciem,
które zawsze lubiłam a nigdy nie miałam na nie czasu. Minęło 10 lat, gdyby nie to, że zostałam wtedy zwolniona, nigdy nie odkryłabym swojej prawdziwej pasji.
Uśmiechnij się :o)

Rachel said...

Life sucks a lot of the time and im sorry you have lost your job especially in times like these. I love your blog im not able to always leave comments on blogs lately but i hope this will work. Please can i join your giveaway it sounds fab. Chin up
hugs xx

Kez said...

Sorry to hear you lost your job but take joy in waking each morning to a brand new day and new adventures :)
Your giveaway is beautiful and would be treasured by anyone who won. Please enter me.

TINK - SONIA said...

Congratulations on your followers,your work is so so beautiful and I'd love to participate in your sweet giveaway,please.Miniregards.

Christel Hutson said...

Hi Ewa, So sorry to hear you have lost your job of twenty years! Wow, so much time invested ..the economy is really bad, so many really hard working devoted people losing their jobs. on a happier is a wonderful gift! I want in..teehee What a lovely tiny setting, any miniature collector would be happy to have this. Thank you for the opportunity. Happy Fall! I LOVE fall..don't you? xoxox Christel p. s. I too will be having another giveaway very soon, to celebrate my 300 followers..I now have 303, so I'm behind..but soon, I promise. Hope to see you there.

Glenda said...

Ah, Ewa, I'm so sorry about your job! :(
I've come out from winter hibernation at last, though, to find your lovely giveaway - I'd like to be included, please.
xxx Glenda

Daydreamer said...

Oh, Ewa! I'm SO Sorry to hear you lost your job! :( I hope it will turn out to be for the best.... for every door that closes a new one opens... perhaps what you find next will be just Right for you!
I LOVE your mini giveaway! Please count me in!
The weather has been oddly warm here too.... but Wet AGAIN! We have had too much Rain!
I hope things work out for you very soon!

BiWuBär said...

Dear Ewa, it's really sad to hear you've lost your job, I'm sorry for you - please don't let that get you down! It's hard to turn to the nicer things after such bad news, but if you're so generous to host a giveaway with such a wonderful price, I have to take part - so please count me in!

Have a great weekend!

Eliana said...

I am a big fan of your blog.
I really want to participate in this giveaway! I hope the luck is with me and make me happy to win a gift so beautiful!
I'll make a link on my blog announcing this giveaway.

debbie's mini thoughts and creations said...

sorry to hear about your loss of your job, everything happens for a reason and maybe another door will open and this will be better than you had before, I have never won a giveaway and would to win yours take care debbier x

Ascension said...

Ewa, cuanto siento lo de tu trabajo....
Eres muy generosa al hacer el sorteo, estando como estas.
El trabajo esta mal en todos sitios, aqui estamo igual.....espero que todo se arregle.
Me encantaria participar.
Lo subo a mi blog.
besitos ascension

Sans! said...


Don't ever stop making minis. You were already good and are getting better. The items you make here are fabulous . I was just looking at the books you made me for my tribal house and they look so old and worn and well read in that bedroom. I still love them of course and will continue to.

I want to win your giveaway, and if I do, I know exactly where I'll place those items.

Doors closed so new ones will open :). I await good news from you, Ewa when you open those new doors.

Flor said...

Ewa Muchas felicidades por tu seguidores!! Y lo mejor que retomas la miniaturas Ü
Tal vez se tuvo que cerrar una puerta ,por que te vendrán muchas cosas fantásticas y que te harán sumamente feliz , eso lo deseo con todo mi ♥
Y ahora mismo pongo tu sorteo en mi blog ( ;
Un beso

Margaret said...

A lovely giveaway Ewa, I would love to be included. Hope you quickly find another job, if that is what you want. Best wishes!

Kleine Vingers said...

Congratulations with so many followers. I would like to enter in the give away draw.
Miniature greetings

Teruka said...

It´s a lovely giveaway! Please count me in!
And good Luck!!

Linda said...

oooooooooooo love that!! Please count me in :D Linda x

micia said...

I'm new follower.
I put your banner in my sidebar
lease count me in

Jollie said...

Congratulations with your 357 followers and I am very very sorry that you lost your job after such a long time! :-(
Your give away is absolutely beautiful! :-)
I would be very pleased if you count me in too :-)

Hugs Jollie

mintwonderland said...

i love your mini book!! look so beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Hola, me encantaria participar en tu sorteo, es un regalo precioso, me ha gustado mucho tu blog, ahora lo pongo en mi blog, besos.

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Hugs Ewa. I hope you can enjoy your time away from your job. You have done a beautiful job on tour giveaway prize, I would be so honored to win it. I think you could get a job in photography, your pictures are so special.


Susi said...

El regalo es magnifico, me encanta¡¡¡
Lamento que hayas perdido el trabajo, es una epoca inquietante, pero no desesperes seguro que todo se soluciona pronto.
Un gran beso lleno d esperanzas¡¡¡
Subo el aviso a mi blog

Patrizia said...

Partecipo volentieri e con entusiasmo....è bellissimo!!!

Rosella said...

Thanks for this lovely giveaway! Your work is very adorable! It is nice and interesting, you must be sure!
I put your giveaway on my blog.
Please count me in!
kisses from Italy

NarinaNäpertää said...

I'm so sorry to hear you lost your job :0(
May there come something good out of it.. I wish you all the best <3

Your giveaway is beautiful and I'd LOVE to take part in it. So will you please count me in =0}

MiniHugs, Irina

Kaya said...

Śliczny zestaw.
Ale tu tłumek. ;)
OK, to ja napiszę, żebyś się nie poddawała i na pewno znajdziesz dobrą pracę. A odpoczynek też czasami dobrze robi. Taka krótka przerwa w pracy.

CrisColás said...

Hi! I would be ver y pleasant to participate in your giveaway. Thanks for opportunity.

Jorgelina said...

Hola! ya tienes una seguidora mas, gracias por el sorteo...quiero participar.
pronto aparecerá un buen trabajo!!!

becky said...

me encantaria entrar en su sorteo,gracias

Craftland said...

This is a wonderful giveaway. I hope it isn't the last!!! Congratulations to 350 follower. I'm number 366. Please let me win.
Hugs from Craftland

Maria Ireland said...

Congratulations on your now 367 followers. I would love to participate in your wonderful giveaway. Thank you for the chance. I hope i am lucky. Hugs Maria

Fabiola said...

I like your blog. Your miniatures are fantastic! Please, count me in your nice giveaway.
I put the link on my blog.
Bye Faby

Anonymous said...

Gracias por la oportunidad, por favor cuenta conmigo, saludos Ana (mucuy)

Jennifer Rydell@Plushpussycat said...

Wow! What a wonderful opportunity! I just love your giveaway gift. Thank you for including me in the draw. My fingers are crossed!

cristina said...

esta precioso todo felicidades cuenta conmigo por favor para tu magnifico serteo. gracias y saludos

Drora's minimundo said...

I am a new follower who just discovered your blog. I hope I am in time to be included in your draw. I love your giveaway. Will put your link in my blog.

b.b.flockling * Rose said...

Autumn greetings Słoneczne,
I am so sorry to hear of your job loss. After 20 years, it seems you are suddenly caught up in a major life change. I pray it will be a good one! No better way to begin this new chapter in your journey than giving. May your sweet generosity come back to you many times over. much love, Rose

El bichillo said...

Hola no conocia tu blog, pero veo que haces cosas preciosas, y me gustaría participar en tu regalo, gracias.

Mari@ said...

I make in time? I returned from the hospital just yesterday and I read this evening of your Giveaway. I'm very sorry for your job my dear. I have some trouble with mine in this last period. I hope that you find an other job. In Italy we say that after a door closed a new door more important will be open for you. I embrace you strong

Kaisa said...

I am sorry to hear about your job, but don't be frustrated because I', sure that everything will be ok. I've also been there about a year ago and I enjoued the "freedom" for about half year. So my advice is, enjoy your self and make what please you most.

Eva said...

I will be very happy to participate please :)
Have a nice weekend.
I am sorry for your job. We are living tough times, I will lose my job in about 4 months too...let's see. Do not be fustrated!! When a door close, a window open.

Bel said...

Hola acabo de descubrir tu blog de casualidad!
Me encantaron tus minis!!
Y me encantaría poder participar del sorteo... Espero no sea tarde.... Y no te preocupes que ya vendrá otro! El destino aprieta pero no ahorca...

Mi blog:

Mary said...

Please enter me in your give-away. I almost missed it. Your minis are very nice.