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Jun 23, 2011

A little photo session with the teddy bear;)

Life's become to ease the stress I took a few photos of Seiichiro Kirei (Luts, Maska) and his own teddy-bear. More on bjdolls site:)Hope you will like them both. :)

Krótka sesja Seiichiro Kirei z misiem dla odprężenia od stresu. Więcej jak zwykle tutaj Mam nadzieję, że się spodoba.


BiWuBär said...

Lovely pictures - and the best thing he could do is hug and trust his beary friend. A teddy always listens, comforts and doesn't betray you, so no chance the two would share their secret... not even with you. But maybe he would borrow his teddy to you for a little while - perhaps this could help you with your stress and worries, too. And afterwards a big bar of chocolate for you three... ;O)


Sans! said...

I hope things are sorted out soon, my dear ! :(

Love the pic though. By the way , how many BJDs do you have?

The Old Maid said...

Oh I don't know Brigit maybe in time he will borrow me his teddy but for now he takes him everywhere. That chocolate bar sounds perfect for today;) Hugs

The Old Maid said...

Thank you, Sans! Wish myself the same thing :(

I have 3 BJDs: two boys and one girl, all MSD size.:)

Glenda said...

Your dolls are beautiful, Ewa, but your clever photography brings out hidden character! The sepia quality of this photo is great!!

Daydreamer said...

Beautiful photo, Ewa! And Beautiful Doll! I hope things feel better soon! I am thinking of you!

Jollie said...

Hi Ewa, I really hope that everything that brings you so much stress, will be fine againb for you soon! :(

I LOVE the photoshoot that you took from Seiichiro and his new teddy bear friend, so cute! He must be a very happy boy with this beautiful gift you gave him ;)

Hugs Jollie

The Old Maid said...

I have a feelin they do have their own characters Glenda;D happy you like it:)

The Old Maid said...

Thank you Betsy! :)I do hope so too.

The Old Maid said...

He is Jollie!:D Thank you so much for your words:) Hugs to you

Hotazuru said...

Jak ja uwielbiam bjd, zwłaszcza chłopców ^^ Sesja wyszła na prawdę fantastycznie.

Zapraszam do mnie, po przenosinach z CocoMoco do Elderberry jest trochę pusto, ale szybko wszystko się zapełni:
Miniaturowe uściski!
Hotazuru x

The Old Maid said...

Dzięki! I zaraz lecę sprawdzić gdzie teraz jesteś;)Uściski!