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My on-line Work-Shop.:)
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May 8, 2011

Miniatures from Wrocław.:)

I have found a few miniatures there.
First of all this is my high school's building made in miniature in XVIII century as it looked like then.

Then I found some clay dishes - they are a bit bigger than 1:12 and not perfectly made but as a souvenir it can be quite nice.

And my treasure from there is this sweet little glass cock.

To show you how tiny it is I put it next to Jenn's fab egg soap's jar and Glenda's lovely basket.

Parę miniatur z Wrocławia. Pierwsze to zdjęcia modelu mojej szkoły z XVIII wieku. Dalej na hali targowej znalazłam takie gliniane naczynka, nie są najlepiej wykonane i są nieco większe niż skala 1:12, ale jako pamiątka mogą być. No i najfajniejszy skarb też znaleziony na hali: szklany kogucik. Żeby było widać jaki jest maleńki postawiłam go obok słoiczka od Jenn, koszyka od Glendy i papierowych różyczek.


Efa said...

Oooohhhh!! Cuuuute! I he's really tiny and sweet:) nice souvenir!:)

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Great finds Ewa! Your little cock looks right at home now :)


The Old Maid said...

HAppy you like it Efa!:D

The Old Maid said...

Thank you Victoria!Happy you like it too!:)

BiWuBär said...

I agree with Victoria - the rooster is happy because it was you who bought him and gave him a nice miniature home... ;O) I hope this wasn't the end with lovely pictures from Wroclaw!

Have a nice week!

Daydreamer said...

I Love seeing the model of your school after seeing the pictures from inside the real buildings! It makes it so much more meaningful! What a lovely school building!
And your tiny glass cockerel is just adorable! SO tiny! Keep him safe!

Christel Hutson said...

wonderful unique finds Ewa. Hope you enjoyed your Mothers Day weekend, thank you for all the very kinds comments on my blog. I love your visits! XOXOX Christel

Ascension said...

Ewa ese gallo queda genial en tu casa.
Has hecho unas preciosas compras.
besitos ascension

The Old Maid said...

Brigit I think it is enough of photos for now - after all it is a blog about miniatures ;D Have a great week!

The Old Maid said...

I will Betsy!:)
The building was always and still is a seat of nun's order, nowadays there are Ursuline nuns, they have two kinds of school for girls only there.:)

The Old Maid said...

Dear Christel the Mother's day is stillto come here - it is celebrated at the end of May:) I love your visits here too!:D

The Old Maid said...

Thank you so much Ascension! Happy you like them!:)

Hotazuru said...

Ten kogucik jest fantastyczny!
Śledzę Twojego bloga już od jakiegoś czasu. Widzę, że podzielamy zainteresowania.
Zapraszam do mnie:

The Old Maid said...

Dziękuję bardzo!:) Ja Ciebie od niedawna też :)

Jollie said...

Great miniatures, especialy your old highschool is very amazing!! And of course I love the blue rooster :)
I just had a look at all the beautiful photos from wrocaw you have shared with us lately, thank you for all those nice pictures :) It is so lovely there... still very authentic after so many years!

Hugs Jollie

The Old Maid said...

You're very much welcome Jollie! Happy you like this virtual tour:)