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My on-line Work-Shop.:)
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Apr 23, 2010

The window update.

Sooo I was looking at this wall for some time and the longer I was looking at it, the more doubts I had. It is just too bright for the North wall. Took my acrylic paints, sat in front of this wall and did that to it ;) No more white cement on this wall, I am affraid ;) Well, that's better, darker, greener, more castle-like;)Ok, it is also more shiny - this time my black acrylic paint acts strange. Well, it definately has no smell at all - which is good of course;) - but it gives a kind of polished look on the surfaces and the camera's lamp showes it more intense. I kind of like it to be true;)
Some of you might have noticed that the outside part of the window didn't have the inner frames around the glass. Now it has:) I simply painted them straight on the "glass" with grey and green colours:)
Then I looked at the other side of the window and thought that the window is placed near the place where the Snape's desk and chair will be, so it should look more dirty as he probably goes there around a lot;)
And this is how the outside wall was looking when I was writing this post :)
Well...hmmm...just is...not over...yet...;)


Michelle's Mad World said...

The green looks good. I often move a house of piece near sunlight and then yI can see colours and shading etc better.

I think the reason why some of the wall has gone shiny is the layers of acrylic you've added and it 'may' have reacted to the bricks themselves. Unsure what to suggest other than a very light touch sanding. :o)

Michelle xx

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

What a wonderful effect! It looks seriously aged and grubby -- perfect!

dale said...

It looks magical! :)

Alienora said...

I see moss on the wall - great effect!

Sans said...

Hi Ewa, the one with the moss looks really authentic. I also think that the additional touches which you have made had improved the look. This post reminded me of the time when I was doing my windows. It may come to a point when you will just have to leave them, do something else and come back later :). Some things work just after 15 minutes and others may take months, LOL.

The Old Maid said...

Hi Sans, thank you so much for the advice! As you suggested I just left it for sometime to get the right perspective ;)

The Old Maid said...

Thank you,Michelle! I think it is the black paint itself, it does give the polished effect on almost everything I paint ;). Oh well, will try to turm the lamp in my camera off next time ;)

The Old Maid said...

Nina and Dale Thak you so much! Glad to read you liked it! :)

The Old Maid said...

Zośka a czemu Ty do mnie po angielsku piszesz?;) Cieszę się, że go widać;)

julie campbell said...

This is really shaping up well !like the mossy look and the way you have painted on the internal frame, its looking really old and weathered now !
julie xxx

The Old Maid said...

Thank you so much Julie!

Alienora said...

Haha szlifuję język:))))