Professor Severus Snape's Office - click on the photo to visit it

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Jan 24, 2010


A warm welcome from Poland to all who might accidentaly visit my blog!

This blog is going to be about my future projects in miniature, in 1:12 scale and the first one is the Professor Severus Snape's Office. Yes, I know, there is already the project like that on the internet - great job made by Kathy Centracchio. But who said I can't make my own one? So this is my version of it, a bit different from what the movies shown us, combined with the descriptions in books.
Why Severus Snape? Well, maybe because in my opinon this character is much more interesting than any other in all Harry Potter's story, more complex, more human and of course the bravest one :) And why the hell was he killed by that stupid snake anyway? ;)
So here it is: My Own version of Professor Severus Snape's Office.
Wish me good luck ;)


Susanne said...

..So I´m the first follower ;-) I´m looking forward to se the pictures of your work!

Misty's Creations said...

Snape is my favorite also. Maybe because I find Alan Rickman so delicious in what ever he does. I cried when that snake got him. And the last thing he saw were Harry's eyes that look so much like Sweet Lilly's! Have you seen the movie "Sense and Sensibility"? He's amazing in that movie. I will stop back and check the progress of the office, thank you for stopping by my blog.

The Old Maid said...

Thank you, Ladies! I am a fan of Alan Rickman too and I almost stopped reading the end of HP when Severus died :)

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Good luck, a great fun project, cant wait to watch it evolve! Cool so far, love the books! Kate xx

Pubdoll said...

Severus Snape is my absolute favourite from the Harry Potter books too and was also very sad when he got killed in such a meaningless way! So great you're making his office!